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Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross discusses how to properly release a bowling ball by highlighting a few of the mistakes that amateur bowlers tend to make, which can lead to poor release angles and a forced, unnatural swing.

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30 Comments on “Ball Release | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. I’m told usually to have my hand come off the side off the ball or else off the front which is the correct method it’s so confusing at times?!

    1. +Robert Martinez They use to teach especially starting out to have your hand start on the side and release from the side because that is an easy way to create hook for beginning players. This also leads to bad mechanics as you can easily chicken wing your arm or come too far around the ball putting more of a horizontal spin on the ball and killing the power/drive going down the lane. You want to keep your hand behind the ball and drive through it as the video suggested. This allows you to push the ball down the lane. The hook is created by letting the ball roll off your hand along with the releasing of the wrist (often referenced to a similar motion you do when you throw a yo-yo) as the ball rolls out the hand it creates axis rotation and as you snap your wrist this helps further put spin on the ball as it rolls off the hand with the final touch being the fingers driving up through the angle created. This is a lot easier said than done. Something i have been practicing now for the last 6 months and it is still a work in progress. This would be considered the “modern” release. There is also the other release which they reference throwing a football underhanded putting side spin on it by tossing it like you are trying to throw a frisbee under handed. Both work the same way where you start from behind the ball. The main difference is the traditional style, you rotate your hand around the ball to create the axis spin where the modern style you let the ball roll off your hand instead.

    2. just to confirm with you from what i was taught is as you swing through imagine you are going for a handshake.
      so you start the normal swing hand behind the ball and as your arm goes past your leg you rotate it as tough you are going for a handshake is that right or wrong??

    3. @93hothead it’s wrong now. But that’s the only way I can hook a ball. If I try to stay behind and go through the ball….I bowl a straight ball with no curve whatsoever.

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  2. I have had an issue with my span being to short and caused me to squeeze the ball and loft it so I got my span right now I’m still having issues alot I want to be able to lay the ball down on the lane any advice?

    1. Great question! The ‘Ask an Expert’ section is currently for members of our online community. I would be happy to send your question off to the experts. To get started, please send the email associated with your paid membership account. Thanks!

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