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Basic Bowling Techniques with Randy Pedersen…(Part 1) In this episode, Randy gives an overview of the basic bowling technique series. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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36 Comments on “Basic Bowling Techniques (Part 1)”

  1. Hi, is there any chance to do that effect using the bowling’s balls that are placed on the bowlings….I mean sometimes as you might know they are quite damaged, is it possible to do the effect or should I get a new shiny ball?? I want to learn more about this brilliant game, thanks a lot in advance.

  2. Lol yesterday was my first time playing bowling and first game I got second place 😂😂😂

  3. I’m watching this because I asked out a girl to go bowling and it hit me that I’ve only gone bowling twice in my life, so I’m here to make sure I don’t make a fool of myself😂

  4. IM probably the 35th best bowler at my local bowling alley last night. There were no leagues.

  5. KEGEL TRAINING CENTER hahahahahaha what a name
    “in today’s lesson we’ll be looking at some pelvic floor exercises you can try at home!” 😂

  6. Why do I feel like I woke up in the middle of this commercial in 2003, on the couch at my Grandmother’s house, with the box tv on?

    1. @Seth Whitaker in the title it says (Part 1) and in the video he said “what we’ll cover in this video series”

      The point of this video was to be an introduction to their series of techniques. Which I’m assuming they go over in the other videos

  7. I just bowled a 40-50-70 disappointed I sucked 😤 but it won’t happen again watching this and next time I go bowling I’m winning it.

  8. I watched this video and immediately went from gutter balls to a spare and a strike on my first two frames lol

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