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Basic Bowling Techniques with Storm's Randy Pedersen (Part 2) In this episode, Randy explains the four and five step approach. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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24 Comments on “Basic Bowling Techniques (Part 2)”

  1. From soccer and other sports, the 4 step approach is super awkward. I’m used to stepping with my opposite side first, and taking an odd number of steps. Hope I’m not missing out on some thing or hurting my game by not bothering with it.

  2. So I just started in a league and when I let go of the ball I always cross over with my arm. What do I do to prevent this from happening.

  3. Try this drill…stand at the foul line (no approach) and practice letting go of the ball, making sure the inside of your arm continues right of your head (or left for left handers). You can begin by doing the motion without a ball.


  4. I always stood at the line. Dont get frustrated. A lot of people have arm swing trouble. Its just a bad habit.

  5. I have been getting lessons I use a five step approach and my instructor wants me to have the ball at my calf at step two as opposed to step three I find this to be near impossible has anybody even heard of this in a five step approach?

  6. damn you military having me start on my left foot for everything! just thinking about stepping off with my right is making my brain hurt lol

  7. As soon as he said you just add an extra step without moving the ball on a 5-step approach, I asked out loud, “why would you do that?” Well, you know the rest…

  8. Oh yup randy peterson the GOAT himself thank you for the tips!! Gonna bowl tonight and got a bet on the line BUT we FASOHLY WINNING now thanks to the lessons from the GOAT im bouta be the Netero of bowling!!! I’ll let yall know the results later 💯

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