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Basic Bowling Techniques with Storm's Randy Pedersen (Part 4) In this episode, Randy explains the importance of a proper release and follow- thru. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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25 Comments on “Basic Bowling Techniques (Part 4)”

  1. @001GenLee depending on your age and weight i don’t think you should be bowling with a 8 pound ball. for instance im 170 pounds and i throw a 16 pound ball. so what i would say is throw a ball 1/10 your body weight, so if you weigh 140 pounds use a 14 pound ball. also if a ball thats weight fits yours and your still getting tired your not using body torque or the use of gravity like part 3 mentions =D

  2. @talib4life1 yep i believe it =D a 10% weight is just a basic scale to go by. when i was 15 i weighed about 120 and i threw 16 since i threw a 14 to hard. id just use the 10% for beginners they can adjust up if needed or adjust down.

  3. Most pros stay right up the back of the ball or inside of it during the swing a.k.a before the release. You generally want to avoid the hand going to the outside of the of the ball during the swing.

  4. I think what he means is he doesn’t focus on keeping his arm straight after he has released it. His arm keeps moving because of momentum but you can see it’s not totally straight. Well i think that’s what he means anyway lol.

  5. How is the idea of lefty any different? If your a natural lefty then it shouldn’t be difficult to simply rotate the opposite direction?

  6. Not really, because the center of mass is inside the bowling ball, and your fingers are on the outside. Equator refers to having your hand in the middle part of the ball instead of “topping” it so that the fingers travel a longer arc and transfer more energy.

  7. I hope these four videos help me improve. I have just begun bowling and really like it, however last week a pain in my right knee started, not very painful but my knee and part of my right leg feel like swollen. I’m young, healthy and not overweight so I thought I could be my lousy technique…

    1. wow, i’m experiencing exactly the same thing. hopefully once I learn the right technique it will stop. also I have pain in my upper back at the shoulder blade area…did you experience that? where are you from?

    2. Hi. after some weeks of trying what the videos say, my leg-knee pain reduced greatly, also using a lighter ball, which was the most difficult part because keeping control with a light ball has been way more difficult than with a 12 lb. one. As for the back pain I didn’t experience anything different, just some shoulder and arm sore, but again, it was because of bad technique (using my arm to push the ball instead of using it as a pendulum). In my short short experience all I can say is that maybe your back pain could be because of the way you lift the ball, some improper movement maybe??.   I am from Costa Rica.

    3. Do you have a slide? If all you do is plant before releasing the ball then that will cause knee pain.

  8. You didn’t talk about release and follow through very much. I am interested in what you said about the more abbreviated arm movement follow through in modern bowling vs the exaggerated long arm movement.. I am always getting yelled at by my league members for not basically throwing my arm over my head after I release the ball; they only complain when I don’t get a strike/spare, and seem to instantly forget that my technique works fine otherwise. It would be nice to hear a professional talk about that more!

    1. ya lol these were the very basics of the basics I guess 🙂 🙂 A lot of bowling channels I’ve seen are almost always trying to sell you something. In this case, Storm trying to sell balls, tape; gear etc; it’s in their interest to get their name out there with a LOT of videos so get some hits and keep their name present in the conversation but ya these videos aren’t even in the education playlist. Some of the videos there are a bit longer and hopefully will teach me more.

  9. When I’m releasing the ball and I’m going for a strike(not a spare) do I release it over the far right dot with a hook if I’m a righty and over the far left dot if I’m a lefty? I mean the dots at the foul line.

  10. Thank you for making these videos. I took my 10yr old nephew bowling for the 2nd time in his life today – he did real well 1st time & not so great today. I think his ball was too heavy (a 7), I think he’d be better, right now w/ a 6. The kids next to us were playing w/ “baby rails”. I told him NO we don’t do that. Not everyone gets a trophy in sports, if you get a gutter ball, that’s the way it is. I had to throw leftie today since I’ve hurt my right arm. Don’t think I did too bad. Was really hot & humid in the alley,,,I think we’ll do better when the weather is cooler & he’s watched your videos. I tried to give him a 2 step method for better velocity – but he needs to do YOUR 4 step – at least.

  11. Much respect, and extremely grateful for the advice, I’m new to this sport and find these tips and videos very beneficial. #yolo

  12. Hi Randy,

    I have only been bowling for 6 months. My average has gone from 79, to 98, to 113, 126, and now I seem stuck around 130-139. I bought most of my balls from a thrift store. They are very old ones:
    1) 16lb (dark green) Hammer Fab. I believe its urethane.
    2) 15lb (golden) Hammer Black Widow.
    3) 15lb (blue/green/yellow) Ebonite Mission X.

    And I bought new:
    1) 15lb (black/gold) Ebonite Destiny. A low level hybrid.
    2) 15lb Brunswick T-Zone. A lowest level urethane.
    The two new ones are the only ones that I truly know what they are.

    I have been watching and learning from your videos and am a subscriber. I am very excited because I have learned to hook a few of my balls, but believe I am limited. I realize that I don’t have a a full complementary arsenal and want to build it up and include ones that allow mid range hook and ones that allow deeper hook. I also understand the need for balls at each level for no to low oil, intermediate oil, and mid to heavy oil levels. I have a 6 bagger, two 2 baggers, and one single balls bag.
    Can you help me and send me, by email or text, your suggestions for building my arsenal?
    I could be wrong, but I believe it’s time to get rid of my older balls. What do you think? Should I hold on to them? Or will the newer one cover what they do?

    Pastor Maurice

  13. I’m a duckpin bowler. Trying my third game of ten pin. First two games went well. But I will get better thanks to you

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