Beginners Guide To A Custom Fit Bowling Ball | Storm Bowling - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

Rich Morrow comes to Storm HQ to get a full custom fitting from Chad McLean! Rich walks you through the process as a beginner to show you the things necessary when buying a new bowling ball and getting a custom fit!

Find out more about the Absolute Power here:
Find out more about the Summit Peak here:

🦾TECH SPECS – Summit Peak
Coverstock: TX-23™ Pearl Reactive
Core: Centripetal™ HD – A.I. Core
Finish: Reacta Gloss™
Color: Goldenrod / Mint / Iridium
Fragrance: Apple Kiwi Pie

🦾TECH SPECS – Absolute Power
Coverstock: R2S™ DEEP Solid Reactive
Core: Sentinel™ Core
Finish: 4000-grit Abralon
Color: Berry / Tangelo / Steel
Fragrance: Blueberry Orange Cake - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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34 Comments on “Beginners Guide To A Custom Fit Bowling Ball | Storm Bowling”

  1. Love the vid. Based off this vid I know that the pro shop I went too did not do any of this. I have a phaze II that my daughter got me for Christmas. I was wondering could it be re drilled to be done correctly?

    1. @@ChampionshipBowling I’m in desperate need of getting my ball done right. However I’m having the toughest time finding someone in Charlotte, Nc to get it done .

    2. @@stormbowling The crazy part is one of the pro shops on this list is where I went and the guy didn’t do any of the things in this vid SMH

  2. I just had all of my specs redone for the first time in years. I only live a half hour from Buddies pro shop in Connecticut and Chris Forry knows his stuff. He did everything from measuring my span, to recording me throw a whole game, to putting tape on my ball to measure my PAP and then going through my arsenal. Turns out my span was too short and my thumb was a little too big. My new fit feels the best it has in a very long time.

    1. I see the house mention buddies all the time. I’m going to have to check them out. My pro shop guy has never done any of that with me. My fit just feels off. It’s a three hour drive for me though, but it seems like he knows what he’s doing.

    2. ​@@Matikowski428 Packy and Prather know Chris. Believe me, it’s worth the trip. Chris will make a spec sheet for you after going through the process and any ball you want drilled in the future, they’ll drill it and ship it out to you. I highly recommend making an appointment first because they do get busy. He knows pretty much everything about the game and can definitely help you out.

    3. ​@@Mikey-1990Yeah none of the pro shops in my area seem to care enough to take the effort to do all of that. Ill definitely go see them thanks!

    4. My pro shop guy said he sold five of the same balls that I bought never checked out my Pap or anything then I checked out a couple of the other balls that he drilled. They’re all drilled the same way and after I bowled with it, I saw my track was running Over part of my fingertips and he said I must be doing something wrong. I won’t buy another one from him ever again! And when I asked him about the specification, all he said was angular

  3. It’s not too difficult to get your fit rechecked either! I had a really hard time with my fit and dealt with it forever before I had it rechecked and found out it was wayyyy off. If it doesn’t feel right, never be afraid to ask to have it checked

  4. I need to find a pro shop that’ll take the time to do this. All the centers in my area seem to be bothered and “Meh” about things.

  5. I’ve been bowling for many many years and nobody has ever done that with/for me! Any recommendations for a place in southern Ohio?

    And can anyone come to Storm HQ for that same service?

  6. This is so cool. Just bought a Sublime today can’t wait to throw it in league tonight. I love storm products. My pso is Brian Leclair he’s really helped my game not only with bowling balls but understanding the balls and what they do.

  7. Very cool vid ! My local pro shop is run by a regional pro and he does something similar. Anyone notice the rookie of the year cameo !?!

  8. I live in ILL and I have not seen any PSO go watch you bowl before ball fittings. Most just do what you tell them and that’s it. Been that way for years.

  9. Great stuff! Would love to hear more about what pitches you came up with. I know some basic things from research on the net but it would be nice to hear what a little stiff fingers means in numbers, how the gripping of the arm (Coke can) and the amount of stretch in the webbing translates into numbers also. I’ve been to the Taylormade Golf Kingdom fitting for golf and know how that compares to many of the basic golf club fittings in my area. I don’t feel that I have a top notch fitter for my hand in my area so I try II’m always wondering if I have the best fit for my game. As for personal stats, I have the tools (pro sec and dillo) and use your VLS for suggested layouts using the stats that I came up with. Very good vid otherwise and happy to see this type of stuff coming out by Storm. Also, seeing the ROY in the background was cool! My coworker just showed me a pic of two of them from a JR Event back in their Jr days. He was 12 then and my coworker was 14.

  10. Does storm actually do this for the general public at their utah location? Obviously this is for YouTube content , but im sure some people would have interest in going there if that service is provided

  11. Unfortunately most of the pro shops that I’ve been to do not operate like this. The ones that I’ve visited usually have 10-20 balls waiting to be drilled, 5 customers waiting to buy balls, etc and another 5 people just hanging out. I haven’t had a ball drilled in 10 years that the person drilling it actually came out of the pro shop and watched me bowl first. 🤷‍♂️

  12. Very enjoyable to watch. I need to get my specs redone for clarity. Never to late to learn the basic fundamentals

  13. I was at the storm factory and I was told they couldn’t sell me a ball, I would have to go to a bowling alley pro shop. I was interested in the absolute also. Came out very disappointed

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