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  1. thanks inside bowling and staff for all the great tips this year …. can’t wait to get back to bowling when its allowed

    1. I live in montreal canada and my favorite place is still open to bowl.
      Must wear masks but it will close as of the 25th till January 12th another stricter lockdown.
      Lucky it’s been open..

  2. I was wondering about how your arm is supposed to look at release? I have a slight bend at the elbow rather than straight arm…. I’m wondering if this is normal

    1. Perfectly fine. That’s how I release. I’m able to generate much more power and revs at the point of release, compared to when I used to keep my elbow locked through the throw.

    2. I throw 14-15.5 mph using 2 handed and it feels natural to have that elbow bend at release and feel like I’m more hitting up on the ball to give an extra oomph, but I’m having trouble with accuracy. I’m still very new [7months] and hitting a 170 average. So trying real hard to study all these tips, but accuracy and footwork is inconsistent. This has helped me with footwork which I’m very happy for.

  3. Since we don’t want to be looking down at our feet during the approach, any suggestion(s) for the center that won’t allow painter’s tape?

    1. Looking down at the approach during practice and then back at your target upon release for training purposes can actually be helpful. Give that a shot if your bowling center wont allow for tape on the approach.

    2. @InsideBowling Actually, my center isn’t open. Probably won’t be for a long time. However, I know that raising and lowering my head will probably make me dizzy, too! lol

    3. It’s in a way good to hear your center is closed. Our center is open, packed to the gills on league nights and zero mask wearing or distancing so I opted out for now. If your center won’t let you use tape you can buy an adjustable laser set it way back on the approach where you won’t disturb it, angle the beam down until it creates a line down the approach. You can have a friend help align it to where you second step is landing.

  4. Wondering how I can get into the PBA? To the men’s tour. Do I need to win some kind of competition at the level of the country, continent, world among amateurs? Which way could it be?
    Sorry for the off-topic question.

  5. To improvement of the timing I have used also the color tapes. Moving the ball, extending the elbow directly where you Watching the tape

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