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  1. If you want to remove it without risk of ripping your skin with it, just apply more new skin, then immediately wash your hand. The solvent in new skin will turn the one you previously applied liquid again. BTW, I hate when I hurt my thumb. At those times I wish I were a 2-hands bowler that didn’t use the thumb.

    1. one of the main reasons i switched to 2 handed, before that working construction messed with my thumb so much on the daily.

    1. Do check with your pro shop, they should have it. I mean it’s a must for pro shop to have them to be a good pro shop

  2. Prevention is better than cure/treatment – I always put one on before I bowlπŸ‘ Good luck for the season, 2 down with the wins to comeπŸ˜ƒ

  3. One of the main reasons i bowl two handed nowadays.. my thumb couldn’t take it anymore πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. The tape doesn’t stick to my thumb so I use superglue and a spray to make it stick faster and works wonders

  5. Great tip shannon. is the gauze patch something you cut out yourself or is it a pre-made patch?

    1. The patches come in the box with the liquid. Already precut in the shape you see in the video. If you have an open cut or skin it can sting a little. I found out that if you are someone that always gets cut skin in the same spot. If you put on before it gets to that stage you don’t have to worry about the liquid on open skin

    2. She doesn’t mention a brand. My local proshop STRONGLY recommends Masters’ Skin Patch. Robby’s is another option but he does not recommend them at all. I took a week off of summer league due to a shitty blister that was my fault and relived that experienced with a new blister I covered in super glue. Honestly in a pinch super glue is better than bowling on a hot spot- but if you want the proper stuff grab the Master skin patch.

  6. Really a big issue for me. I think this will help. Getting no help from pro shops in my area. Either forward pitch or expanding grip.

  7. You would cringe at how we used to get it to dry faster, esp if you needed to patch mid game or between games

  8. An issue I have and Im sure many others deal with is the thumb swelling up…what do you do if this is the case?

    1. If it’s a consistent issue, thumb swelling, shrinking, swelling, probably the easiest option is to open the thumb hole up to fit the “swelled” version and use tape to close it down to the not-swelled version. Another way to go is an interchangeable thumb system. That way you can one insert drilled for the smaller thumb, one for the larger. You can still use tape in them to “fine tune” the fit.

    2. Art of Bowling says you can try a paper-towel over your thumb and jam it in the hole to reduce inflammation. I haven’t tried this and I don’t think it would work for me.

      Alternatively you could have your hole sized up a bit and use tape. Add tape mid game or remove tape mid game as needed??

  9. Can anyone else smell this video? I got a definite whiff of new skin when the bottle was opened!

  10. Can someone tell me how is the name of the patch that she is using for the new skin? And where I can find it?

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