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  1. Spent a good portion of my summer of practice last year working on this very aspect! You’re right, Coach Shady, it’s hard. What makes that funny is that it really is the easiest thing to do! Gravity will take care of getting the ball started. That, and a couple other things I was working on, brought my average up 10 pins this year. Not bad for being away from the game for 20 years!

  2. I’ve always find myself chasing my swing sort of speak… Great tip and content here, Thanks Coach Shady and Mike! #insidebowling

  3. Just started practicing this in basement , very different feel. Can’t wait till reopen and try full approach

  4. Great tip. Sometime I use it sometime I make the mistakes you mention. I still remember Mike and teammates on the log flume ride at Six Flags-Great America trying to get me as soaked as possible. Great times back then in 1985!

    1. Of course with my failing memory, i don’t remember whether Mike was a co-conspirator or just his Lacrosse teammates.

  5. I haven’t bowled for 9 years but I had a high swing and bowled right handed re verse hook ( backup ) and use to stand at the back of the lane and run up the approach for 25 years.

    1. You obviously never had a coach or friends who bowled seriously and tried to help you with your game. Many guys start out with unorthodox and bad forms (such as running from the back of the approach) but most guys, once they bowl more leagues and then tournaments, pick up advice along the way and begin bowling more seriously. Running is awful because although you generate a lot of ball speed, it is almost impossible to repeat shots and execute. Watch the PBA pros. Although the throw their balls at around 19 mph, faster than us amateurs, pretty much ALL of them creep up to the line in terms of their foot speed. They take slow, steady steps and their heads are dead level during the entire approach. Take a look and then see if you can make yourself slow down. It will help a lot. Also, you can’t generate much rev rate throwing a back up ball, unless you are Anthony Simonson who is a very unique 2-hander.

  6. Nah the best kept secret is that if you’re 2 handed, right handed and can’t hit 10 pins practice throwing backup at them. My percentage went from around 40 to over 90 with about a month of practice. Also helps with previously incredibly difficult splits for right handers. ie: 2,8,10 and 4,10

  7. I learned a lot from th best secret. Time to go bowling. I wish I knew more of the science of bowling in high school when I bowled.

  8. In relation the a free flowing swing, our foot speed needs to slowly accelerate as well. Basically try to emulate chris barnes’ game and you will be a good bowler for a long time.

  9. Hey, I definitely remember Mike Shady. We bowled a PBA Midwest Regional at Hawthorne Lanes in Quincy Illinois. I started out with 636. Mike had 836. I’ve always had a hitch in that part of my swing, and it showed. I could never get rid of it. Thanks for the tip. If I didn’t live on Maui, where there’s NO bowling center, I’ll practice that tip. Good stuff!

    1. Jim Pickering I have mad respect for Mike Shady, he knows my coach Palmer Fallgren but I didn’t like that person making a funny comment for the rest of us whom take this stuff seriously. His comment is right under mine being the first.

  10. I was always told I’d never be a good bowler only using two fingers. Now days I see a lot more of such bowlers. I bowled a 276 Sunday (with a house ball) with a friend. Now no way I can do that consistently but I can roll 210-230 consistently and I’d say that’s pretty good.

    1. My Son and I also bowl two fingers and we have a 180 avg, we both can bowl in the 200’s and we’re both consistent weekly.

  11. I have changed from 5steps to 4 with the 24 rule’ it has helped me out so much, moved from a 165 to a 180 in the first 3 weeks of men’s league this year. Thank Coach Shady, do you think that 1 day you can talk about the V with the finger that you spread out on your ball and carry that before you snap your hand on release?

  12. I took an in person lesson from Mike about 10-15 years ago at age 60 after being out of bowling for 20+ years. My avg. went from 150s to 170s almost immediately. I’m now in my mid 70s bowling once a week with avg in 180s.

    1. @nascar and bowling fan 388 bowled a 243 with one no tap strike a 8/ in the eighth frame and a (- 9) on the tenth for 243… sad times 😂 second and third game was horrid. 133 and 118

  13. Let me share a TOP TIP in here for all of you: PRACTICE 1 thing at the time and repeat over 1,000 times. For example, if you want to improve your release, practice just that, 1,000 times. Don’t think about anything else. Just focus on 1 thing until it becomes ingrained in your subconscious and your body learns the movement.

  14. Great tip! Basically, you’re saying “let gravity take care of the arm swing” and don’t muscle it.

    1. But that’s not easy for me to do because everytime I try to let the ball swing without grabbing the ball at the top. It falls off my hand and I have bad issue with squeezing the ball and I have a hard time creating any kind of ball speed and getting pin action. I got the revs in all and the ball fits my hand just fine. But speed though I need help with that can any of you guys give me a few tips on that?

    2. @Travon Cordova Sounds like a grip issue. Have your pro shop fitter check your span and pitches and make some adjustments so you can relax the fingers and thumb.

    3. @Travon Cordova it’s possible that your thumb is drilled with too much reverse pitch. A lot of pro shops still favor using reverse thumb pitch since it gets the thumb out quicker (better for beginners). Unfortunately, once you learn to lighten your grip and your swing, you’ll lose the ball in your back swing unless you use a lot of tape.

      You might go to your Pro shop and see what your current thumb pitch is. If you have an extra bowling ball you don’t use much, you could have them fill the thumb and re-drill 1/8″ more positive.

  15. I need to get the fear of dropping the ball on the back swing out of my head. My biggest problem is a tight grip with the thumb on the back swing and not relaxing my grip swinging forward. In turn I end up with sore middle/ring finger joints and a puffy thumb after a series.

  16. I tried this last night on the lanes and I felt my swing became smother. And not a strain on my elbow. Thank Coach Shady

  17. I bowled with grandkids first time in forty years. Scared them to death. Ball bounced a couple times and went straight down the middle. Made two strikes. But they thought I was going to fall a few times. A lot of drama in my swing now 🤷‍♀️

  18. Thank you Coach Shady. I’m 78 and been bowling 22 years. Your descriptions were dead on my style of bowling. I watched this video 8 times and then went to the lanes committed to practice this correctly. OMG, what a difference. I’ve never rolled the ball so effortless and I kept it up. First game was 121 and the last game was a clean 233. Will practice this for the next two days to ensure i have it down. I felt like a bowler for the first time in many years. Steve S.

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