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  1. One of the things I’m working on is not bending from my back (I have that tendency, which throws off my balance and my timing, and I’m trying really hard to break that habit). I’m also trying to incorporate a slide to create a little more leverage, and that is something else that will take time to work on. Shannon has great technique and I hope to bowl more like her. Great video, InsideBowling.

  2. Wait…you coach your wife and you’re still married?! Seriously though, you guys rock…a great team. If memory serves me correctly, Shannon has gone back and forth on the wrist positioner…can you comment on that a little. I have also flipped back and forth with one, and while I find it does limit me to playing mostly down and in, I really like the way it allows me to relax my grip pressure (along with a snug thumb) to almost zero.

    1. Shannon will use the Wrist brace by default now, and will take it off when she’s looking to change her rev rate and alter her ball motion for specific patterns.

  3. Hey Bryan?? have you ever had Shannon go to 5 step?? That i think would give her time to a set-up.by the way!!she way? she has one of the best i have ever seen my friend..

    1. Hey!! gotcha ok been there my friend.. been in the sport 60 yrs… was trained by Dave Davis, Varipapa every tuesday at centuy lanes in Huntington LI.. and know most of the pro’s in the past on tour..Have to tell you again she is a class act bro… That will if she and YOU take care of her health, make her a Hall of famer..

  4. Nice video ! . On 4 step approaches, once the 2nd step is completed, it’s a good thing if the ball is BEHIND the leg. Hers is still in front. This is why on the downswing she doesn’t have much room for the ball because the leg also wants to pass to execute the 3rd step. So she tilts her body and tries to squeeze the leg through. Wouldn’t be bad if she fixed that. (more consistency). Just a suggestion (maybe you have considered it already, or tried it already).

    1. I totally agree. I think her timing is WAY late, as her right leg is coming forward as the ball is going back. Because she’s in the middle of her downswing with her right leg moving forward, even though she’s an accomplished pro, she’s still fighting to get a straight arm swing. She gets away with it because she has narrow hips. If her hips were any wider, she’d have no chance to keep that swing straight.

  5. good analysis. I Like how he dissected her game. I feel something like this spot on because everyone has their own style in which things they do great and things they need to improve on… at any level!

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  6. Pushing away at your target – quick mention in video but EXTREMELY important point. I’m an area player but even I have a specific pin or on huge hooking lanes a spot on an adjacent lane
    ( best to aim long IMHO ) that I aim at .

  7. My mentor’s son was a pro, I pondered it when I was 20 about going pro, but my average was quite good enough, now I am too old and injured and will never get there, but bowling on the local amateur tournaments might be fun.

  8. In last February’s video, “The 5-Step Bowling Approach Explained. Achieve the Perfect Footwork,” the crossover (or tightrope) step is recommended, but here it’s not mentioned, and Shannon obviously doesn’t do it. She moves her hips to the left and still has to move the ball around her thigh. Would you please clarify this point? Is the crossover important or is it okay to compensate the way I see many pros do instead?

  9. Where is she standing at, on the dot or in front of the dot. Where is she aiming at “between ten and fifteen.

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