20 Comments on “Bowl Pain Free. How Kinesiology Tape Can Help Your Bowling Game.”

  1. Wow this is great, I have knee issues too didn’t know what to do about i, this could be the solution.

  2. It’s all woo woo, I’m sorry to say. It may have a placebo effect but that’s it. Here we have a chiropractor, not an MD, talking about a product created out of thin air by a chiropractor in Japan. It’s overpriced tape that does nothing except pull on the skin surface.

    1. Athletes have been using tape since forever, this is just different consistency. Tell a boxer tape is a placebo or even a running back with an ankle issue. Support doesn’t have to mean it has to be a solid surface to do so, it’s just a little support if applied “correctly”.

    2. @Romans TenNineNTen You’re seriously misconstruing the differences in tape used by a boxer versus the tape used here.

  3. Shannon, could you ask Dr. Underwood if the instructional videos, from companies like KT, for the application of kinesiology tape, are “accurate” or “good techniques”?

  4. Awesome video and great information. I’m been using K-Tape for over 8 years. A holistic therapist recommended it over taking ibuprofen. at 64 the aches and pains of aging (for me) impacts my game…but the tape is very effective. In my senior league more people are using it. Thanks

  5. Yes a chiropractor does help your bowling but sometimes you have to go to the ibuprofen this happens the older you get the more often you go to the ibuprofen plus it’s a little cheaper than a chiropractor but chiropractors do work

    1. Ugh same! I take ibuprofen to kill the edge. But I think it’s because we don’t slide much so it’s higher impact.

    1. Kinesiology tape will tend to provide more support and in a more specific area than just wearing an elastic knee brace. Thanks for the question!

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