Bowlero Elite Series Tournament 2 – Round 1 – Norm Duke vs. EJ Tackett - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

Watch EJ Tackett vs. Norm Duke at the Bowlero Elite Series this past September at Bowlero North Brunswick (NJ).

Tune in for the next tournament in the series: Sunday, December 29 at 1 p.m. ET on NBC to see who takes home the BES trophy.

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39 Comments on “Bowlero Elite Series Tournament 2 – Round 1 – Norm Duke vs. EJ Tackett”

    1. ​@CleSwag24 279 is still really good on THS. Top-tier pros such as these two probably average in the mid-240s on THS. Duke did merely average by this standard, even when he pretty badly missed two shots whereas Tackett did very well, leaving only a ring-10 due to poor ball motion entering the pocket, and a 2-pin because it didn’t matter on the 12th and was an unfocused attempt. Everything else Tackett buried with almost ideal ball placement in the pocket.

    2. He had at least five boards on the right and around 3 to 4 on the left side that held pocket nicely. Nearly unbeatable when it comes out clean off his hands and he doesn’t yank it.

    1. I lost my marbles ….. I got married in 2015, so guys, it’s in a short period of time, of only within 5 years ! Be prepared !! Really won’t help tho. Yes, it does ! Does not !! Uh huh !! Nope !! Seeee, what I started. Now I have to argue with myself ! And I always lose ……
      Known Norm personally, for over 40 years, never see him throw any differently & the reason he ranks what he does, but, after watching EJ, his were on the mark consistantly. Noticed he takes control of match, when he feels pressure, as he did in this match against HoF Inductee, Norm Duke. EJ will be a force to be reckoned with for many long years to come !!

    2. Roger Robertson Yep, Walter R Williams Junior, Pete Weber, and Norm Duke. Same throw since they started in the league

    3. @KevinMphotography I agree, except I grew up with Norm, he had developed his throw wayyyyy back when he was a kid. On his throw & release, altho his approach was a little wobbly, which was due to his small stature, the ball’s weight & as a ‘slight’ 12 yr old, he always put his finger up in the air at the end of his release, like he does nowadays too ! Fun times growing up in the ’70’s ! It’d be a great day for me, if I could visit with my old friend after all these years. Who knows, one day maybe I will & I hope I’d get to meet his wife, Karen & son Branden, too !!

    4. @KevinMphotography LoL don’t get me started Kevin … like myself & Norm, used yo team up & play foosball. Avg teenage kids around, with their quarters lined up to challenge the winners of the previous game. 1st, we made an odd looking team, here was Norm, every bit of 4’6″ & me at 6’1″, but, Norm was sooo short, altho he would play front, he’d still have to stand on his tippy-toes, just to see the ball, over the edge of the regular old coin op machine-foosball table, a Dynamo, I believe. I knew he couldn’t do any ‘shots’, he was doing good to just see the ball. In the latter part of the ’70’s, I’d won a few foosball tourny’s locally & at a near-by city’s, rec center. Won a little money, aside from a trophy, occasionally, especially when my real partner, would meet me at a rec center somewhere, tell me to bring some cash, maybe make some on the side. My team-mate’s name was/is T. Chitwood, always played goalie, actually got me started in foosball, in 1975 & I/we kept playing & got better more I played. I never competed on the level my partner did. I believe he earned a 2nd place finish, in singles, in Nationals, he was inducted into the Professional Foosball Players Association Hall of Fame, earlier this year. The #1 ranked player in the World, named Johnny Rafols, contacted me & said Tony got inducted & he asked if I could contact Tony & let him know of his ‘Induction’; I got the honor of telling my foosball mentor, the great news. Tony had been coaching me & being my partner in foosball, since 1975 – late 1990’s about 17 or 18 years, so I think I got better. (Johnny said he had heard there was a young kid, that had a pull shot, that was so fast, it was only a blur & he lived in Texas. Odd thing was, he said he’d heard it from Tony a few years back.

    1. Yeah it’s really pretty rare not to see Norm throw 12 into the pocket. It’s usually a matter of carry and sometimes him being off a quarter inch here and there. Of course on this night he ran into EJ in locked-in mode. Not going to be too many guys who can beat EJ when he’s throwing it pretty much dead flush with that kind of ball speed and rev rate. Skill and precision can often beat power and revs, but on this night EJ had it all going.

  1. I like how Norm is using that Crux Prime. I have a best friend has that ball but he didn’t use that much because the oil at our local center was so brutal and torture since the oil machine was broken. He’s gonna use that ball soon after the Summit Oil Machine is gonna replace the dying EZ Touch Oil Machine.

  2. Love watching them, both are very talented bowlers!
    Just curious..I thought these were televised…I’m very surprised to see it appearing to be a regular night out of bowling type thing, vs a big spectacle. These two deserve an audience! Come bowl in San Antonio, I’d love to watch y’all bowl!

    1. Only the final matches are televised. This is a tournament anyone in a league and qualify for. Pros VS amateurs. Guy from Chicago one last year. One of the biggest payouts in bowling. 270,000 1st place!

  3. I’ve seen EJ bowl up close and video makes his rev rate looks absolutely glacial. This guy’s a freak of nature.

  4. I bowled against Norm in a regional that was a best of 3 match and the guy fiddled with his tape constantly for 3 games, and the only game I got from him I rolled a 2 pin for 240. Norm shot 770. Relax Norm, the tape is fine. Lol.

  5. Love Norm but he looks really tired tired in this video. Great testament to the man that he still can really compete at this level. EJ is scary powerful.

  6. This is pretty much what these guys would do to you if they bowled on league with you on a house shots. 800s every week

  7. Norm- ” When I was your age loved the Donnie and Marie show!”
    E.J.-” Who the hell is Donnie and Marie?”

    Passing the torch to the next generation- PRICELESS

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