8 Comments on “Bowling 101: Understanding the Markings on a Performance Bowling Ball.”

  1. While the CG no longer has a great effect on ball layout, does its location not give us a close approximation of whether or not the “weights” in the ball fall within USBC specs? In other words, if the CG is less than 3 inches from the Grip Center, should that layout usually fall within spec?

    1. Some people do like to use general rules such as that, yet we suggest always weighing your ball to double check the static weights to ensure that it is legal. What we will say is with the new rules, it is difficult to get balls to be illegal in terms of static weight.

  2. Could you share with us what the numbers mean like the rg and differential and mass bias diff mean and what numbers to look for when looking for a certain shape or break down lane ?

  3. It would of been great if you good have explained and gave advice on how each would benefit different bowler styles

  4. I rarely bowl.

    Once I went bowling in 2019.

    1st frame quite on.

    After that, terrible.


    Next day, sore hands etc.

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