18 Comments on “Bowling Ball Fit Tips & Tricks. How to Get the Best Feel for Higher Scores”

  1. I use Hada tape on the back of my thumb for sizing because I don’t like the way tape inside the thumbhole gets all nasty and also leaves a messy residual if you don’t cover it completely with the new piece.

  2. Marshall is a great guy and can kill a golf ball. I just wish he wouldn’t take over the conversation so much in these videos.

  3. This is a comical video. Between Marshall not saying a single word and the note that says “drill bits are round,” “thumbs are oval.”

  4. What are your thoughts of putting multiple pieces of skin protection tape on the thumb and none in the thumbhole to snug it up? Any pros using that method?

  5. It’s so weird that the pro is just standing there the whole video, is that supposed to make the video more creditable lol.

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