19 Comments on “Bowling Ball Surface Adjustments EXPLAINED! Pro Bowling Tip from Shannon O’Keefe. #Shorts”

  1. Isn’t this an older video that is re-uploaded? I remember someone commenting that TruCut pads were shown but Abralon name brand was mentioned in the video. In any case, a good reminder !

    1. Yes that is correct. We are filming new content but also have been asked by YouTube to create shorts programming as there is a lack of bowling content in that category. Thanks!

    1. What I do is go back up in grits. I was once told by a former ball rep that it takes the teeth down if you start at 500 and then do 1000 then 2000 and on and on.

    2. You serious? You pee on it. Or just do what most the pros do and buy synthetic urine online or keep some of your own urine stored in the fridge.

  2. I think the biggest misconception with surface is that it makes the ball have more backend reaction. More surface (smaller number) will make the ball read the lane earlier using more energy earlier causing less backend, but that backend starts up earlier which in some cases looks like more backend motion. It’s easy to get into a trap thinking that my ball isn’t hooking (as in backend motion) so I’ll add more surface, but if the ball is already hooking (as in front to back distance) too early it might not have any energy for the backends in which case you actually want less surface (bigger numbers) to save more energy.

  3. 😂 Abrolon pads wish they were TruCut pads. TruCut pads give a truer grit that abrolon pads and they last longer. It’s unfortunate that you guys got it wrong in the video and hope that people that don’t know the difference aren’t swayed away now. It even says TruCut on it. 🤦🏻

  4. This is not a very good instructional video for these pads. It doesn’t make the ball hook more. It makes it hook earlier. 500 grit pads are usually unnecessary for you typical house shots. Your ball will burn up if you have too much surface on the incorrect shot. And cutting a pearl with a 2000 pad won’t necessarily make it hook less.

  5. Tru Cut pads are not Abralon, they are CTD, which are far superior to anything out there if you want the correct grit.

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