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  1. All the past months of tips are all things I have been working on! Glad to see examples of how to improve! Keep these tips coming! Happy Tuesday

    1. As a 2 handed too, I know what you mean. Use your camera to get videos and watch what happened to your routine. My elbow was too separated from my body creating a lot of inconsistency, so I recorded my drills when I was not in front of my coach to get feedback and I improved my game very much. Hope it helps you.

  2. Thank you Shannon I really appreciate your talent and bowling support may God
    continue to bless you.

  3. Two questions about the follow through more so than comments. 1) I’ve heard two schools of thought about the follow through : a) reach out with the follow through, not up; and b ) reach up as opposed to out. Which of these is more conducive to the modern game?
    2) You mentioned follow throughs coming more in front of the face. I’ve noticed that a lot of PBA players (but rarely any WPBA players) exhibit a follow through that reaches across their body. Sam Cooley is a prime example, but Wes Mallot tends to do this and even Chris Barnes sometimes comes across his face (before he finishes with the arm arcing back right of his shoulder). How do they manage to project the ball out and to the right when the arm follows through so much to the left and what is it about the modern game that makes such a follow through possible?

    1. 1) To reach UP is the old game. To reach OUT is the modern game. You can be ok with either, but when you reach UP you rob yourself of some energy /speed, which translates to better hitting power. So i would advise to avoid reaching up.
      2) Their hands follow the angle or their axis rotation probably. It is possible because they do it after releasing the ball. This way it does not affect their launch angle.

    2. @Bowling XP ! Thanks for the feedback. I’ve always had more of an out rather than up follow through, but I’m planning a return to the game after a few years away, so if there ever is a time to retool it is now. Thanks again.

  4. I really enjoyed how you forced your follow through to the right. It showed what the result could be. I was waiting for you to try the DZ follow through!
    When I was working on keeping my swing in line, I like to visualize/see my hand go through my target. If it didn’t, I knew my swing was a bit off, usually due to a “loose” elbow.
    Thanks again for a great Tip Tuesday, Shannon!

    1. @T Gf a solid two league seasons (30 plus weeks) of bowling. However, after my first season I bowled 3-4 times a week during the summer to work on release and balance.

  5. Elbow…gotta concentrate on my elbow! Thanks for the tip. Question… what do you suggest to do about wrist pain and hand placement? I feel like my wrist is weak and I’m not consistent with my release…

  6. thanks for your videos…what wrist support do you use?…make a video of how to use it…a lot of people like me will apreciate it…at least me …73 y/o trying to learn

  7. Can you please do a video about the double bounce it seems like no matter what I do my ball always bounces when I throw it and it’s making me inconsistent

    1. Roll the ball don’t throw it. Stops that immediately. Also be free don’t muscle the ball allow it to do the work. Unless you are having a timing problem making you drop the ball, or it may be a fit thing, but try the first things and I bet the double bounce resolves itself quickly.

    2. Try tape in the thumbhole, if not using it now. White grip tape and black smooth tape can be used together to help the thumb exit at right moment in the swing.

  8. Once the ball clears your fingertips absolutely nothing you do with any part of your body will affect the ball’s motion.

  9. Thanks. In all my instructions, no one told me to focus on my elbow. Wow that’s just what I needed. Thanks Shanon.

  10. Thank you so much for all your helpful tips. Since I have been viewing your videos my average has gone up 20 pins and I am bowling a 200 game in most series. 😍😍😍

    1. Well done!! Great to hear that our videos have been helping you. Thanks for watching and keep up the good work on the lanes!!

  11. πŸ‘ launch angles is a key factor along with all the other points of instructions,so many things to execute correctly,could explain follow through vs hitting up, the difference between the two and how important it is not to hit up on the ball thank you Shannon.

  12. I’ve seen that leg that is trailing sweeping back. It seems like an unbalanced position. I’m not sure why people choose to do that.

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