28 Comments on “Bowling Footwork for Dummies. Pro Tip for All Bowlers.”

    1. Many times fast feet in the approach is really the result of having too quick of an arm and/or getting the ball into the swing too quickly. The feet tend to react to the what the upper body and swing are doing. Thanks for watching and good luck on the lanes!

    1. Usually having more fluid heel to toe steps will also apply to most two-handers, except for those that have more of the skip step prior to their slide. Thanks for watching and good luck on the lanes.

  1. This is a great tip. I never paid attention to this, but I am completely a toe first bowler, and I suffer all the things you mentioned, a little choppy, a bit too much leaning forward. I practiced today, heel-toe, heel-toe. What a difference. I was able to move back by two footsteps, because I was taking longer and more consistent steps. My approach is smoother with a better tempo, but, the timing has changed completely. I’ve been rewinding and watching Marshall’s tempo and where the ball is on each step. So I’ll have to work on my timing now.

    1. This applies to both 4 and five step approaches. All of the steps prior to the slide at the finish would be fluid heel to step steps.

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  2. This is what I’m working on coach told me my timing was out so was working on this last night, this video is great to see what I should be doing. Well done I love this channel.

    1. Thanks for the comment and thanks for watching our videos, we really appreciate it! Glad these videos are helping and good luck on the lanes!!

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