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USBC Director of Coaching Carolyn Dorin-Ballard asks USBC Gold Coach Richard Shockley to provide some tips and techniques for proper footwork during the approach. Shockley demonstrates where to place your feet to control your footwork and maximize your potential.

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17 Comments on “Bowling Footwork | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. my last step my toes face outward and my heel in and I don’t slide in perpendicular to the foul line..maybe i need more gentle steps? I don’t know.

    1. AL BUNDY my coach was saying me consciously putting more revs by forcing the backswing and follow was making my feet late and throwing off the balance on my slide foot at release. We did some stuff and it made a nice adjustment. So maybe what is going on with your feet has nothing to do with your feet at all? Just food for thought

  2. Can we get those ball returns though would definitely make getting deep on the right lane so much easier lol

  3. At 2’24” and 2’30” notice her hand well outside shoulder when down and when back. No mention at all how to shape body to create slot for ball to swing straight down and back/forward. Yet, when she does an actual shot, she is creating shape, just no mention at all during explanation. Just taking a crossover step and doing nothing else is not going to create slot for ball to swing straight under shoulder. Something missing in explanation.

  4. Very clear instructions but you neglected to mention how to place the last step. Is it a cross over to negate the first cross over step, or is it straight? If it’s straight something more needs to done to compensate the first cross over.

  5. Im a rookie /amateur bowler, barely starting on second league with coworkers, I went my first season as the most improved with over 10 points and won my bracket, this year i wanna dive head first into the sport i noticed after getting my first fit ball (brunswick w
    Rhino) a great improvement on my score im mkre of a tweener without the crazy rev rate two finger bowler, anyways just started to follow this step approach and guys thanks, I am way more consistent wkth my shots unbelievable, im grateful for the content y’all have helped me out a lot since i cant afford classes

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