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Osku Palermaa, in a quarterfinal match at the 2015 PBA Xtra Frame Maine Shootout, throws what should be a strike, but the 3 pin has other ideas.

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82 Comments on “Bowling Pin Impossibly DEFIES World’s Strongest Bowler”

  1. I watched this happen then the pin was off set. Osku proceeded to throw a spare ball 30+ mph to teach it a lesson

    1. Osku absolutely, positively DOES NOT throw the ball 35 or even 30 MPH. He gets maybe 22 MPH on the spare ball and 18 or so on the strike ball. It’s easy to calculate with a good digital timer.

    2. @Dennis Bergendorf like the ones they have in the bowling alley….osku has videos of him throwing 30+mph.

    1. @Edward Lack someone once threw a ball 46 mph straight in the right gutter, it flew up, and broke some panel thing
      Search “fastest bowling shot”
      (it’s in a fast bowling compilation thing)

    1. If the pin is standing, it’s standing. Doesn’t matter if it did 50flips, it is not knocked down when your turn is done. That is a 9. Period.

    1. @Yusuf.

      Naw, get the pin and send it to that Russian YouTuber that likes crushing things in his industrial press.

      “Today, we have bowling pin that refuse to go down. We see if bowling pin can still stand if 80,000 kg of force applied.”

    1. Years ago, alley lanes were dressed do that people would score higher, encouraging them to bowl more often.

    1. It’s like were playing PBA Bowling 2021 for Xbox1. This crap happens all the time on that game. But I enjoy playing it anyways.

    2. Ricardo Montalbum Technically a strike. All the pins fell. The pin standing up is not in its original position. It’s a strike.

    3. Ricardo Montalbum

      6a. Legal Pinfall

      Pins to be credited to a player following a legal delivery shall include:
      1. Pins knocked down or off the lane surface by the ball or another pin.
      2. Pins knocked down or off the lane surface by a pin rebounding from a side partition or rear cushion.
      3. Pins knocked down or off the lane surface by a pin rebounding from the sweep bar when it is at rest on the pin deck
      before sweeping dead wood from the pin deck.
      4. Pins that lean and touch the kickback or side partition. All such pins are termed dead wood and must be removed before the next delivery.

      6a1 – If it goes down it counts

  2. Imagine getting 11 strikes and then having this as your last shot resulting in a 299… I would probably rage-quit if I were ever in this situation.

  3. Same thing happened to me, in league, about 40 years ago. 10 pin in the pit with a pin coming back to stand in the 8 pin spot. You never forget something like that.

  4. That was actually the 3 pin that popped back up out the gutter! #CRAZY
    I’ve actually had something crazier happen to me where a pin some how managed to slide up lane and stand up about 15-20 feet in front of me!

    1. Crazier? At least yours still counted as a strike. This pin didn’t arbitrarily stand up somewhere random in the lane after being flung, it stood up in a position to cancel out a strike completely

    1. @hinney827 The pin was knocked down and left the playing area as it went into the gutter. It bounced from the gutter back onto the playing field and stood up in the ten pin spot.

    2. Same happened to Andrew Anderson who got the 8 pin back on deck. You can find it in his match against Alex Hoskins.

    3. @Pizzle Rot I thought that if every pin was out of its place they were on before the throw, it would be a strike.

      Why did Osku try to change the X to a 9? If that was me, I would not have done thay

    4. ​@Grand Brewer I actually went and looked it up, and apparently pins that rebound and stand back up (or slide and remain standing) count as still standing, so it is actually a 9 and not a strike. Ideally it should have been reset at the 3 position since it was the 3 pin that stood back up, but with it being an automatic setter I don’t know if he has that level of control. But it was scored correctly in the end 👍

  5. I saw something like this many years ago. One of the bowlers in our league was shooting a 7 pin spare, hit the pin dead-on, and it did a 180 degree flip and stood right back up on the same spot.

  6. That’s impressive. Playing it frame by frame, that pin comes from the middle, ricochets off the wall, then the gutter, and lands perfectly upright.

    1. @Lynne Carnivale just go to share the video then hit copy link then go to comment section and if you are on the the computer right click I think and paste link..if you are on the phone just hold your finger on the reply area and a paste link thing pops up..I’m not good at computers and I don’t know the lingo so I don’t know if that’s any help

    2. @Beef Twinkie ⚾️That RED SOX link, lol lol! I am a RED SOX fan so…its been a tough few days…lol…but our PATRIOTS won today! 🏈
      Ok, tonight, I will try what you shared…and hopefully I will be able to send you a song link, late night. Ha!!! I appreciate you letting me know. I don’t know a lot about computers either but GOOGLE and friends like you help me.
      God bless you.

  7. A ball that falls into the gutter but pops out again is still deemed a gutterball, so shouldn’t a pin that falls but bounces back up be considered felled?

    1. @Arthur Vasey Hi Arthur… not sure why you sent this about your name… maybe I mentioned something in a comment about your name? I don’t recall but still nice to know. Thanks for sharing that. God bless you.
      Peace, Lynne 🍃💜🍃

    2. @Lynne Carnivale You said about screenshotting my comment – just helping you out with the pronunciation of my surname, if you read it out loud!

    3. @Arthur Vasey OHHH! Now I get it! Thank you! You had me scrolling up to read what I posted…lol. Helpful, thanks.
      God bless you.

    4. I don’t think so though because the only possible way to make a 7-10 split is to rebound a pin off machinery or the surrounding wall, and that counts unlike a ball which goes into the gutter and pops out. So I bet pins have different rules about leaving the wood surface

  8. One judge said it was a strike. The second judge said it wasn’t. The third judge didn’t know what to say, so he flipped a coin.
    It landed on its edge.

    1. @Kira wr I wish you were there to see it. If my uncle was still alive he would tell you it that he saw it happen.

    2. @Kira wr Thanks for the kind words. My uncle was the best man l ever knew. I never hear anyone say anything negative about him. He passed in 2012 at 81 yrs old. There were over 100 people at his memorial service. Some came from overseas to say goodbye to him. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to meet him. You would have liked him too.

    3. @Jimmy Catalina Well little buddy, while you’re at it, why don’t you tell all of us some more stories about interesting people and places that you wish we could see.

  9. Wow, and I’ve always thought the solid-8 pin was sickening. That was gut-wrenching. I feel his pain!

  10. In working in a bowling alley for ten years I saw similar things three times. Once saw a seven pin bounce all the way off the kickback and stand up between where the 9 and 10 pin would have been. Crazy to see.

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