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USBC Research Manager Nicki Brose goes into depth on some studies they have done regarding pocket percentages and where the pocket actually exists. They were able to narrow it down to a board where you would either strike or get a 9-count. If bowlers can control the pocket, then more than likely they will leave something they can make.

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23 Comments on “Bowling Pocket and Strike Percentages | USBC Bowling Academy”

  1. regardless of entry angle? so you tested and gather a graph for each board and entry angle? and they were all the same? Somehow it doesnt make sense. Is it possible to know where you published all these results? Im intrigued by this.

    but doesnt the entry angle help on the ball following through to hit the 8-5-9, if those were part of the pins left behind when a pin was left standing

    Doesnt it also help align hitting the 3 pin better so that it flushes the 6 to the 10 without it going to the gutter and then get lucky with the bounce of the wall to hit the 10?

    For those 9-count percentage, did the entry board or entry angle change which pin was left standing?

    you should probably add the two graphs so people can understand the % of a 9 or 10 shot. Perhaps a different combination can get better than the range.
    For example:
    15.5 board = 88%
    16.0 board = 94%
    16.5 board = 80% <<

  2. You can’t published that, if you don’t have all the exact conditions for the experiment : the ball used, the speed of the ball.

    You can’t put strikes percents there as long you are not studying all the variables, you can put only strike percentages for a 15 lbs ball at 18 mph speed, rolled freely from a ramp. In the real world you have different speeds, different rpm, different weights, different balls and surfaces, different curves at the entrance in the pocket and not a straight line etc

    One of the basis hypothesis for the experiment is that the bowling ball is entering the pocket dead straight, which is simply not true. Even USBC studied that! One of the observations was with some huge balancing hole (non-regulatory compliant) the ball is producing a second hook phase!
    If you are throwing an 90 degrees axis tilt ball (helicopter style), and a 0 degrees axis tilt(perfect roll), in the same spot with the same angle, you have the same amount of strikes? Who knows?

    Obtaining a 6 degree entry angle and the ball rolling perfectly straight in the pocket it seems for me purely impossible to obtain in (at least some) real world conditions.

    If you can’t study the entry angle in the real world, or to generate a software who can reproduce all the possibilities, the conclusions are compromised.

    1. And even sometimes pins can move a couple of millimeters when being set. which could effect it that little bit.

  3. The pinsetter also affects pin carry. Especially the old pinsetters. A closer than normal set 1-3 pocket will almost always leave a 10 pin.

  4. There is inconsistency in the charts presented in the pin carry study.
    It appears that the study had a maximum carry percentage with a 2.5″ offset, not 2.5 board offset.
    As they increased the entry angle the 2.5″ offset was maintained resulting in a different contact board for each angle / offset combination.
    The attention to detail in USBC research videos is not acceptable.

  5. So ur saying, if ur energy lost in ball as long as u hit that number you will strike, I disagree, you won’t have continuation, the ball will go into a role out, just apinion

  6. The suggestion that entry angle does not matter is very suspicious. I need to see more source data regarding this issue.

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    2. @National Bowling Academy It sounds like your expert thinks entry angle doesn’t matter so, I think I’ll pass.

  7. What about the rotation of the ball? It seems to me if you are entering the pocket at a zero angle, with no rotation, you are more likely to leave 5-8, 8-10, etc. if you are hitting the pocket at zero with a lot of rotation, it could be an 8 or 4-9.

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  8. I even hit the pocket flush today with different angles and I didn’t leave a 10 pin I left 8 pin, 7 pin 9 pin all great pocket shots! This is killing me I just bought a new ball and still can’t strike its not me or the ball wtf is going on??

  9. Nice video like how that bowling ball was carry by that ramp then drop bowling ball to bowl a strike or left 9 pin standing in alley anyway I left a like 👍on video and sub.

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