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    1. @Jay Vallandingham Exactly! It may take some time to figure out where you need to stand and what arrow to throw it over, but once you get it down (I, for example, got 2 Points [7 and 10] fixed and move 3 left/right with my feet for every pin in the opposite direction [ 6 pin is 3 right of 10] and so on) you will seldom have to think about what to do to spare and can concentrate completely on execution.

    2. @Ma Mi That’s why the arrow always stays the same. The center arrow gives you the most room for error on any given single pin spares.

    3. @J Anderson Practice using your spare ball at the 5 pin targeting it from the left hand side. Makes picking up washouts a lot easier. The only time I won’t use a spare ball is on double wood.

    4. @Ma Mi The middle arrow or 20 board takes all the guess work out of everything. The only spare that I don’t use the center arrow is the 3-6-10 or 3-10. I stand on 18 with my left foot and throw the ball over the 10 board. The shot alone has increased my average by 20 pins. By converting these two common leaves 90% of the time is like playing with house money.

    5. @Jay Vallandingham Thanks for the tip! I use the middle arrow, too. for 3-6-10 and 3-10 I usually move my feet one right of from where I throw at the 6 pin alone. This usually works, but I will try your tip, too. Maybe it increases my conversion percentage aswell.

  1. I tend to use what we call the handbag position so I turn my wrist and point my thumb down. But hey it is a good tip. Thank you

  2. I do flatten out my wrist for 10 pins and I do separate my pinky from ring finger. But, I have never had it in mind to aim that V toward the pin. Thank you. I will definitely try that tip tomorrow.

    1. Why not use a polyurethane ball and just use your goto release and hand position. That way you don’t have to worry about manipulating your hand?

    2. Don’t feel like you need to flatten your wrist physically. You want to relax your hand and wrist and try to release the ball with your hand on top of the ball to decrease ball rotation.

    1. I say that depends on your ball speed and revs. If you throw it rather slow but with a lot of revs, you might wanna apply this tip, too. It can’t hurt to take revs out of any ball when trying to throw it straight.

    2. The trick to using a spare ball is to actually NOT throw it like a reactive ball at spares. Get as less rotation as possible (unless you don’t use a thumb). You’ll notice that when watching anyone who is very competitive. They have a lot of rotation on a full rack but then take all that rotation away when shooting straight at their spares.

      This is because the purpose of a spare ball is to take everything out of play when throwing it. This is not done if you rotate it because if you do that, you’re just using a weaker ball.

  3. Flat hand is needed in a spare ball on house league conditions too.
    What? One ball?
    I bring 4 on league night. I show up looking like a scratch bowler. Psych the other team.
    Most nights I use 3.Mix for spares, Electrify hybrid the first 1.5-2. Usually end up with the Burner solid at the end. Lefty, so my kryptonite is the 7.

    1. Practice making spares using the middle arrow as your target arrow for all spares using your spare ball. Start by standing with your left foot on board 35 and throw straight over the center arrow to make the 10 pin. Stand with your left foot on 15, throw the ball over the center arrow to try and make the 7 pin. If you’re hitting the center arrow within a board or so and are still missing, move your feet in the direction of your miss and try again. Once you get comfortable with where you need to stand with the 7 and the 10 pin conversion you move 3-4 boards right to convert the 6 pin. 3-4 more boards right to convert the 3 or the 9 pin. Use the same ideas for the left side spares. Stare by using your 7 pin alignment, targeting the same arrow and move left 3 or 4 boards and try to convert the 4. Move more left and convert the 8, then the 2 ect. Once you get comfortable with this the shot never changes regardless of house or patterns that you’re playing on. The ball goes straight no matter where your at.

    1. @Daniel Mann will try during practice before the league starts, I usually start far left on approach Lane and am between third and fourth arrow .my problem is the ball breaks before the pin using my plastic ball. Will try this tip about the v notch and bent wrist ,thanks.

  4. would’ve been hilarious if she said: “Tip 1. Just knock it down on your first shot. The end.” šŸ˜…. On a serious note though, I’ll definitely have to try that ring/pinky V technique. Sounds really easy and simple to think about and apply.

  5. Anybody ever try not putting your ring finger in the hole to throw a straighter ball , I bowled a lot back in the 80s and Iā€™m just now getting back into it again , but I had decent success with that method .

  6. Another 10 pin release tip: My uncle told me to only put my thumb & middle finger in the holes, so when you release it, it goes more end over end. Forward roll. Even a plastic spare ball will over hook some nites late 3rd game at the very end of your lane otherwise! šŸ™‚

  7. Had spare ball missing too much. Went back to strike ball. I like the v between pinky and ring.let you know percentage later thanks luv any bowling tips.

  8. For 10 pins with your spare ball. I will add, you might need to polish your spare ball to help it get further down lane and straight for 10 pins! My hammer widow spare (plastic with gas mask Asym core) started to hook alil too much and miss 10’s on the left by || šŸ¤¬

    I always cleaned the ball, but over time the stratches in it gave it more hook, just enuff I started missing spares by ||

    I polished it and noticed a 5 foot longer skid and now make 9 out of 10, 10pins!!! I make sure to re-polish my spare ball every 10 games (games not frames) or 1x per Month!
    Equipment maintenance is important!

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