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  1. I always used to pull the ball later in the block when I was trying to get my speed up. My arm would always pull inwards, due to me trying to rip it so hard and it sacrificed accuracy. Focusing on keeping a straighter follow through and not trying to huck it as hard as I can has helped alot.

  2. Another great video Mike! Equally capable with the microphone and throwing the ball. I am trying to catch on a league next week so looking forward to more great content.

  3. This is a great ‘co-conspirator’ to the most important 24″ in bowling vid, which has helped me considerably. Thanks for the tip. .

  4. Hey There, thanks for giving advice. I’m wondering if you can help me here. My problem is my bowling arm can’t rotate fully (my arm rotates as far as a handshake because of a birth defect) do you have any suggestion for me? If not I understand but trying to find anyone to improve my game under the unfortunate circumstances I have.

  5. Shady loves his foul line drills. They feel so awkward to me. I never really could feel comfortable trying them, but I’m definitely going to have to remember the forearm pointing forward to stop from the occasional pull. Also, Shady was at my local center about a month ago and made sure to come over and talk to me see how I’ve been progressing. Definitely a good guy that knows what he is talking about.

    1. They absolutely do feel weird at the beginning but if you find a time where the lanes are dead, it is extremely helpful.

    2. @CantingMonk I throw a decent amount of practice, and will occasionally do one or two, though my biggest issue for awhile was drifting right on the approach, so I had to figure out a better way to focus on that. My buddy that I bowl with all the time actually noticed it. He was like “dude, you haven”t drifted once”, then I told him I had been working hard on it.

    3. because youre not actually supopsed to let the ball go that late.. youre supposed to incorporate your approach into helping you carry the weight of the ball in your backswing. all these foul drills and only learning to wrist and release the ball one way, is completely not how the best bowlers bowl..

    4. Another easy way to stop pulling the ball is concentrate on your hand under the ball point ring finger to your target follow through.

  6. I’m coaching my son who is a new bowler. He’s been bowling just over a year and he averages in the mid 180s. He is a two-handed and I am not. I watch a lot of YouTube videos on two handed bowling so I am able to coach him and I’m doing a decent job but I would love it if you could do a video just like that with a two-handed bowler. Or is it the same concept, make sure the forearm is facing forward?

  7. hey you all, I have a tip for you, here goes. Rest the ball on you index
    finger and the thumb side of your hand. do that and your forearm will
    have to face your target. One more thing, if your using more boards
    for hook open up [ point your toes to the right or left for the lefties.
    I think what you will find when you put the weight of ball on the
    outside of hand, the ball will go a little longer and have a strong
    back end. take care and let me know if you try this. thanks

    1. I am going to try the hand suggestions. I already turn my feet as I move left, my issue is getting length out of a sanded ball (hooking at the arrows on fresh oil) or getting a less aggressive reaction on a polished (plenty of length, but not getting through the pins right)

      If that don’t work, I might just have to change my finger pitch or just get good at lofting the gutter or half the lane.

  8. I love this, I have of recent realized that I need to make sure my forearm inside is pointing to my mark. What is interesting is that it does not feel natural but it works great, so I want to get use to this feeling. The other thing is I realized is that I can keep my forearm pointing to my mark and adjust my hand position to ensure that my thumb comes out first, how wonderful.

  9. this hopefully will help me out. I feel as though my arm swing is all over the place. being in a wheelchair the foul line drills are how I have to throw always.

  10. Really wish you guys had explained how the drill addresses the problem a bit more. The footnotes on the clips help a little, but standing at the foul line with my arm facing forward seems to have little to do with grip pressure, forcing the ball, etc. You gotta tie these things together for your viewers.

  11. I want lessons to build consistency on my releases. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Also same with the line I want the ball to take to the pocket isn’t consistent. I literally just throw the ball with a hook and wish for the best.

  12. Reminds me of my coach, Mr. Rolf Gauger, many years ago focusing on letting the ball do the work. I came to him with the ball cupped and trying to generate revs. He straightened out my arm and taught me to feel the moment where the ball releases from the thumb and naturally rides on the fingers through release. Once you develop it, the ball is no longer “thrown”, but is released. This also puts the power in the pins creating great pin action.

  13. This plagued me all weekend in a tournament and cost me a lot of pins, hopefully I can get everything straightened out

  14. Sounds so simple and I like simple forearm strait at target. Can’t wait to try on league nite will let you know how I do my visual on my spares has been getting better 90 percent now from 80. I know some things bit I like your tips it reminds me of tools to use. Also the ones I don’t know. Really helps. I work with a coach but we go over basics.he gave me a big tip. 2 weeks later won amateur tourn. Texting too much but I luv this game. Always willing to learn more even at my young age 67. Thanks for every TIP!!!

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