21 Comments on “Bowling Tip Tuesday | Learn Foul Line Release Drills with Shannon O’Keefe”

  1. Happy to see that you’ve joined the team. I’ve watched you succeed as a player and coach. Thanks for sharing the drills that have made you successful and providing the insight of how to properly execute them.

  2. THE one thing I have noticed from literally studying all the pro’s releases from the more unorthodox people like Smallwood and Buttruff to the conventional people like O’Niell and Duke is that no matter how they start things, they all end up in similar positions at the foul line. This lead me to believe that there is one constant to becoming consistent in bowling; your finish.

    I incorporated this drill as a staple in my practice regime about two years ago when I came back to bowling from a 20+ year hiatus, I have seen my average jump FORTY pins in that time frame! Shannon is spot on in this video! This drill will help anyone interested in developing a strong and consistent finish position and release. Remember, repeatability is the root of becoming the best bowler one can be. I am excited to see that Shannon has joined the team and anxiously await more content from her. IMHO, she is the best woman bowler in the world today!

  3. Great tip and Great content Shannon! Welcome to inside bowling, I look forward to future tips from you and the inside bowling team… πŸ€™πŸ½πŸ˜ŠπŸ€™πŸ½

  4. So Ill be going bowling for the first time in six months tomorrow. Any tips as I get back into it.

  5. I would love to see his Shannon tapes her left knee. Former soccer player here and have terrible knees, especially my slide leg.

  6. Thank you so much for your helpful guidance!!!! I love trying out your teachings at our local bowling alley and at home!!! Super stoked about bettering my bowling skills!!! 🎳

  7. Ok. I’m 67 years old and I bowl standing at the foul line. Any tips for me. I don’t walk to the foul line and throw. I stand at the foul line and throw. Thanks

  8. Hi Shannon,,im 64 an dhave bowled for 20 years in leagues,,only problem i have always hated my ball rev rate,,,tried many things but recently i bowled with a friends ball who has ball drilled with more forward pitch than normal..i was able to see immediate difference in ball reaction,,it actually looked at though it was spinning going down the lane,,do you think forward pitch makes that much of a difference,,i also have bad habit of not keep elblow inside durinig downswing..

  9. Love your videos, been really helpful! I have question, my Bowling style tends to hook like a hockey stick, with high axis rotation.. It really curves sharply as it approaches the pins, sometimes missing the pins all the together! =( will these drills help to correct this issue? Or any other tips how I can correct this? Thanks alot!

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