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Two of the most important aspects of bowling are ball fit and bowling grip pressure. USBC-certified Gold Coach Bryan O’Keefe gives important bowling tips related to bowling grip pressure and the importance of keeping a loose and relaxed grip. Using bowlers tape can help get the best fit possible to prevent bowlers from squeezing and other physical game issues.

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31 Comments on “Bowling Tips: Relaxed Bowling Grip Pressure | USBC Bowling Academy”

    1. Some hardly change. If you’re one of those that experience a big change in thumb size when bowling then thumb inserts are the way to go.

    2. Yeah… I literally have like 5 different size switch grips, just because I couldn’t figure out sizing and such. I swell if it gets really hot while playing or if I’m playing for a long period of time. Easier to swap out sizes of the thumb plug. I know this comment is years old, but wanted reply anyways. Lol.

  1. how about the top weight of the ball. which is better bigger or smaller top weight. ( 1 -2 oz ) or 3 -4 oz ) .

    1. +Parker does stuff that is white tape (used in the front of the thumb hole), black tape (smooth) in the back of the thumb hole does not give you calluses 🙂

    1. You’re still gripping the ball, just not with the same force. You shouldn’t feel like the ball will fall out of your hand if you relax.

  2. I agree the grip should be relaxed on the pushaway and backswing, but on the release, there should probably be pressure used either on the ring or middle finger, depending how you want the ball to react.

  3. can’t stand white tape, completely changes the feel of the ball. black tape at the back is a last resort for me, usually just use rosin

  4. I like a lose thumb whole, for the most part when I get a hand me down ball from someone, that I think I can use, an their thumb is smaller then min, I just sand it down.

  5. may I know what about fingers hole? should it be tighter? mine seems too big which I need to use lots of strength

    1. Hi.  Finger holes should fit the bowler so the grip is secure and comfortable for repeatability and versatility. Everyone’s hand is different and for a proper fit we recommend visiting an IBPSIA (International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association) certified pro shop professional. They can advise you on the proper hole size and fit for your game.Here’s a link to find an IBPSIA technician in your area. for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

  6. hi brian ilike the way you come out the ball i was wondering if you can tell me what thumb pitch you use thanks

    1. Hi,We were able to contact Coach Bryan and he said his thumb pitches were ¼ left and ¼ forward.Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.Stephen Padilla

  7. My grips fit really well, but I have naturally sweaty hands and rosin barely helps. I have to grip the ball a little tight, so I can’t get my thumb out first without throwing it straight into the gutter. I’m lucky to get a 200 rev rate.

  8. This is the only reason I can’t hook a ball yet because on the bottom of my swing my wrist breaks and I can never get enough rotation

    1. Tape used for wrist support and also used to protect the woman’s fingertips not to mention to help prevent breaking a nail.

  9. I have never had a ball I didnt have to squeeze . I’ve had seven different ball drillers or more and I always have to squeeze/ bend the joint so the pad of my thumb makes contact with the ball .

  10. Great Bowling Tips – Thank You For This Valuable Information.
    We Have Tips Too. and Will Be Share and Posting Your Videos On Our Fanpage and Websites and Blogs!

  11. Great Bowling Tip! We Have Bowling Tips Too – We Liked Yours So We Will Be Sharing It On Our Fanpage and Website and Blog!
    Thank You Again!

  12. It’s so hard to determine what’s wrong with my thumb fit/pitch. I got some of my stuff drilled at a local pro shop, and some from Ron Hoppe, and man do they feel different.
    Throwing two balls drilled from different people has a huge impact I feel like. Some I can get an easy release, others I cannot. Thumb seems to get caught or stuck like a suction cup and I end up flying down lane, no matter which way I release the ball.
    So frustrating.

    1. Not true at all, I’m a professional ball driller and I would advise you get your pro shop operator to check your fingertip pitches and/or span in your ball. Most of the time it actually isn’t your thumb thats causing the issue. I have many people who come to me on the daily and ask for a diagnosis of fitting problems. There could be a variety of things that is happening but with your exact issue, some people have spans that are too long but thumb holes that are way too large but do allow you to get out. However the fingertip pitches could be too forward and forces you to want to claw the fingers which locks in your thumb around the webbing. Make sure to lay the fingers down and rest the ball onto your thumb. Do not claw the fingers and also stay behind the ball. If the ball falls off your hand consistently, then you are probably doing it right. Dropping the ball is always better than getting stuck.

  13. My problem is when I relax my grip as much as possible the ball comes off my hand completely dead. A high hook potential ball with an aggressive drill might as well be a spare ball.

  14. My pro shop guy always told me, the amount of pressure to hold your ball should be no more than what you use to pick up a pencil.

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