28 Comments on “Bowling With a VERY EXPENSIVE Cracked Bowling Ball!”

  1. Three of my favorite and expensive bowling balls cracked and not possible to fix. So, this was an interesting video.

  2. I still have two purple critical mass bowling balls. Favorite ball at the time. I took a 20 year bowling nap and started back last year.

  3. As a mechanic, a disclaimer would have been nice so people don’t get the bright idea to be like Mike and test broken balls at other centers.

    1. Not a bad idea. Was hoping people would realize that having the head mechanic there (Andrew) meant I had a professional there to supervise. Thanks for watching!

    2. It’s a common sense thing but sadly many lack it and will try. I really enjoyed the video nonetheless but good lordy that thing was cracked haha

  4. I want to say 03-04 I bowled a league with a guy that had a critical mass with all kinds of surface cracks.
    He averaged 239 and Monday, Thursday, Monday, Thursday in a row had 800 series lol

    1. The code red was my go-to ball during tournaments especially on wood lanes but I can no longer use it due to it being split completely. It was the first high performance ball I bought and it got my average from a measly 164 to a respectable 185 in a 3 month span.

  5. Cool tech bowling bowling ball the 2 bowling balls I use is the Brunswick igniter soild 14 pound bowling ball urathane reactive bowling ball medium hook for straight bowler like me and put little bit of hook too the bowling ball and the Radical the spy plastic 14 pound bowling ball with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike spare hitting power at time

  6. That solid 9 though!!!! I know someone who needs a good doubles partner? You should get in touch with him!!! 🤣❤

  7. Great video and great bowling Mike! But I know why you scored so well: the ball now has a larger diameter! But, all seriousness aside, I’ve had a couple balls that cracked just like that while sitting in my garage. They rarely get any worse than that. It’s a stress relief and as people have indicated below, they’re good for swing drills in your back yard.

  8. The pso i used wheni used to love in Florida actually plugged a crack like this for one of his customers for a ball that has sentimental value.

  9. My favorite is the teal rhino pro. Mine cracked and can’t use it. I’d love to find another one, but really hard to find another one.

  10. When he was talking about the ball splitting half coming back up the return, I had a DV8 Hellraiser Revenge do that. Exploded coming back up the return and 3 different chunks were spread throughout about 15 feet. Was not a fun day fixing all that

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