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Beginners and professionals alike know that bowling is a game of inches and minor adjustments. One step to the left or right can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game.

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41 Comments on “Choosing a Bowling Ball That’s Right for Your Arsenal”

  1. The idea of using the same or similar layouts on different balls is a hotly debated topic and will start many arguments in the bowling forums. Many feel that even beginners need different layouts on every ball , that using similar layouts is limiting. And this minimalistic idea is dumb.

    1. I use different layouts for pin up and pin down, but the same otherwise. I know people who drill 3 or 4 of the same ball with different layouts to get different looks, and I also know people who only use one layout. It is really up to the bowler.

      Neither method is right or wrong. Personally, I like having both pin up and pin down balls so I can get a different shape off the spot. My house shot just changed and I find myself using a pin down early, then switching to pin up with a weaker cover to carry the corners.

  2. Could someone tell me my strongest, weakest and benchmark ball?
    Primal rage remix
    Game breaker 2 gold
    IQ tour fusion
    Tour x solid
    Let me know what a good ball might be for my arsenal.

    1. strongest->weakest
      primal, iq tour solid, iq tour fusion, game breaker
      Althoug layouts and age may change that

    2. I have used the alpha crux before but I’m using a no rules now even though I’m a two handed bowler, the alpha Crux would give you very nice continuation and a little bit of an archy back end even though it’s a solid but that could be changed by drilling, I personally like my no rules better because it’s a little smoother for me and something that I can throw a little slower on the long patterns knowing it won’t bail on me and I know because of my pin over my ring finer drilling it won’t scream of the back so you could take your pick but I would say no rules

    3. LEGEND KDOG drill an Iq tour my opinion best ball ever made.very versatile great core coverstock can scuff it to 1000 for heavier volumes of oil or shine it for more control on lower volume patterns or house shots.

  3. for some reason my storm lock doesnt turn much on house patterns, i bowl approx 19mph with 500 revs, but still no turn, at best of times i can get 10 boards. Do you think its a drilling problem or a ball problem?

    1. probably slow your ball speed down and make sure your ball is clean you only need to throw 16 or less

    2. seriously 19mph and 500 revs and you don’t know why your ball doesn’t hook? move way right get out of the oil or slow down it will hook.

  4. Could someone tell me my strongest, weakest and benchmark ball too?
    Hammer Urethane Black
    Storm Hyroad Pearl
    RotoGrip Haywire
    Storm Snaplock
    Track Heat Polished
    Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Phenom

    1. Hi,By only knowing the name of each ball the way to rank them is to look up manufacturers specifications and list them according to technical information, radius of gyration (rg), differential (diff), cover stock etc. Ranking this arsenal can be done several ways.RG value (weak to strong)(RG-2.48) Storm Snaplock(RG-2.48) Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Phenom(RG-2.50) Track Heat Polished(RG-2.50) RotoGrip Haywire(RG-2.57) Storm Hyroad Pearl(RG-2.65) Hammer Urethane BlackDiff value (weak to strong)(Diff-0.015) Hammer Urethane Black(Diff-0.038) Track Heat Polished(Diff-0.043) RotoGrip Haywire(Diff-0.046) Storm Hyroad Pearl(Diff-0.048) Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Phenom(Diff-0.054) Storm Snaplock Coverstock (weak to strong – manufacturer box surface)(500-Abralon) Hammer Urethane Black (although 500 grit – urethane keeps this ball weakest)(500-2000 Abralon polished) Track Heat Polished(500-2000 Abralon polished) Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Phenom(2000 – Abralon) RotoGrip Haywire(1500 – Abralon polished) Storm Hyroad Pearl(1500 – Abralon polished) Storm SnaplockWhile these values rank the arsenal they can’t tell you how your game fits i.e. ball speed, rev rate, axis rotation, and axis tilt. The overall benchmark would be the middle of the arsenal so either the Haywire or Hyroad would fit there.Without knowing your game and how the equipment fits your style the best overall rank would be by potential performance based purely on ball specifications.(weakest)1. Hammer Urethane Black2. Track Heat Polished3. RotoGrip Haywire4. Storm Hyroad Pearl5. Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Phenom6. Storm Snaplock (strongest)Have an IBPSIA certified professional and/or USBC certified coach evaluate your game to help with the overall performance of your game to the equipment.Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy

  5. most of success has been with agressive balls, pin down. they happen to have the same core, radx. i have the strong side down, probably too well. trying to nail down the weaker side. thinking match pearl or wreckem and possibly a pitch blue. first ball out is almost always my critical.

  6. Hi! I currently just have a brunswick rhino and a tzone ( use as a spare ball), what would be a good ball for really heavy oiled lanes? Im usually on a house pattern but the bowling alley I go to doesn’t re-oil the lanes very often so the oil gets spread out far down the lane. What would be a good ball to cut through the oil with?

    1. @300Bowling Proton Physix or Nova! Kinda Favor the Storm lineup…sorry lol
      Asym balls with solid covers are gonna chew through heavy oil.

  7. How do you hook with a ball? I love bowling i seen many people threw the ball to the side and some how ended up in the sweet spot in knocking down pins. I tend to throw straght and fast about 14 mph

    1. The way that I started hooking was by taking my thumb out (This is optional, and I personally love bowling without a thumb), and with this your hand will start naturally bringing the rotation up to start giving you a hook. After you feel comfortable doing that for a while, try to bring your arm up on the release, to give the X-Axis rotation more RMP to give it a better hook. All determines what ball you have, I’m currently using a Rhino with Reactive Resin, and it works wonders.

    2. Just like you i was envious of the hook. Best thing I did was to get with a coach who knew what I was doing wrong and could tell me and show me what i needed to do to correct them. I’m now practicing more(at home and at the alley) and have developed a repeatable hook by what he has taught me.

    3. Join a league. There are balls designed to hook. Go in and look at the pamphlets at your bowling alley pro shop. They have ball pattern layouts on the displays.

  8. Could Someren tell me want my strongest bowling ball is and weakest one? I have a 900 global boost non polished and a 2000 grit and i have and timelles with no grit changes. Our house shot is 39 foto in length but there is almost no oil, you can basiclelly hooi the inteir lane with a t-zone. What would be a good choise of bowling ball?

  9. I’ve got a swamp Monster ball it’s old but still use it for League night but have to soak it in hot water after every time or it won’t hook the next league night what can I do so I don’t have to soak it all the time

  10. I’m left handed and I have a storm tropical storm tb and my pin is under my ring finger so how would it react to lanes and what would it consider to be a benchmark ball

    1. That ball is built for lower oil volumes. It works great on most house patterns since friction is easy to find. For it to be your benchmark ball depends on how you bowl and if it is something you’re confident with and know what you’ll get out of it no matter the condition. I can’t see that ball being very effective on sport, or heavy oil volumes though.

  11. 17.5 mph with 400+ Rev rate PAP 5 3/16 right by 7/16 up AR is 25 and AT is 10 degrees up. I love Asymmetrical bowling balls. zero to little deflection. when they fall off the pin deck at 23 board then i can ball down a bit. everything I throw is 60 x 4 x 40 or 4 pin to pap x 3/12 PSA to PAP x 2 1/2 Pin to VAL. that’s my best and most effective layout FOR ME. Find Your own and don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

  12. Got back into the competitive scene in 2017 after taking a year off moved up from 14 to 15. Averaged 197 first season back and went down this past season to 196. Stroker, throw the ball between 12-14 MPH. Uses a four-step approach. Currently Throwing:
    RG Show Off (Pin Down) *First 300 w/last season
    RG All-Out Show Off (Pin Down)
    Brunswick Cutting Edge Solid (Pin Up)
    900 Global After Dark Pearl (Pin Up)
    Storm Intense Fire (Pin Up) -Changed Grit to 4000
    Storm Rocket Ship (Pin Down)
    Storm Tropical Storm Pearl (Pin Up)
    RG Idol Pearl (Currently undecided on Drilling)

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