Could Betting Be the Next Step for the PBA?

“The PBA has been tracking the movement toward legalizing betting in America with great interest,” PBA COO Lev Ekster recently told “We have been speaking with experts on betting and educating our organization as to how to approach this coming opportunity effectively and responsibly.”

As Online Gambling reported, bowling lends itself to a wide
range of wagering options, including traditional head-to-head matchups as well
as in-game bets, tournament futures, and weekly tournament odds — similar to those
posted for the PGA Tour and NASCAR,

The new PBA Strike Derby, developed to fill air time while
the sports world struggles to get back on track as pandemic restrictions begin
to be relaxed, presents a natural betting opportunity.

“We are looking forward to how, over time, this can add to
our fans’ engagement and enjoyment of this great sport,” Ekster told “We think, if done properly and with an emphasis on assuring
the integrity of the sport, it has the potential to add a lot of value for our

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