Daria Pajak and Sean Rash Take on the Sublime Challenge | 900 Global

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Daria and Sean face off head to head with the all new Sublime! Check out who comes out on top!

Find out more about the Sublime here: https://www.stormbowling.com/sublime-bbmgsm12

Coverstock: Reserve Blend 902 Hybrid Reactive
Core: Immersed™ Symmetric A.I. Core
Finish: Reacta-Gloss®
Color: Neon Purple/Amber/Black

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28 Comments on “Daria Pajak and Sean Rash Take on the Sublime Challenge | 900 Global”

    1. Sean used to be one of the highest rev rates on the 90s tour. Then came EJ. Then came Belmo with the #2hands… and now he sees women like The Spider and Verity just hammering on that ball like he used to. He still has gamesmanship, and that counts for something!

    2. @atbsigma  he decided to learn to play straighter and get up thr back and have less rev rate. He doesn’t crank on it as much anymore I don’t believe compared to when he was younger but I do know that he transformed his game and plays much straighter now.

    3. @@nathanielcha4128 right! and… as a result won a few more titles to add to his HoF career! His approach is still similar but a lot more quiet at the line. And he knows himself, his ability, and his tools. Having met Sean, I know that he has battled a ton of injuries and hit a low point during the WSOB in Allen Park MI. But he don’t give up and neither does Daria… she’s due for another PWBA title. Both are really competitive, they weren’t just acting in this vid… 😃

    4. I like the ball’s continues shape. It’s nice seeing an unedited ball review with not the freshest of oil patterns on the lane. I think Daria just moved too far left.

  1. The Zen Soul is a hybrid although it has more of solid coverstock I love it! I got the TNT Infused literally just before the announcement of the Sublime. I really like the Infused. Like Daria did with Sublime I took a little bit of the shine off of the Infused. Rolls great

  2. Who was Daria challenging? I thought she was the only one there. Well, she was the only thing I saw.

  3. When I build my bowling alley, the ball returns will not be on the lanes. What other sport has an obstruction on the field of play?

  4. Great video, The Sublime will be in my bag soon. Question: Did Steve Freshour with Radical Bowling first come out with AI designed cores? Outer Limits and The Hitter. Are AI cores the future? Pro & Cons?

  5. I don’t get people complaining about this vid?…. It was real and raw which is a nice change of pace. I appreciate a brand showing their equipment on less than ideal lane conditions since that’s what the majority of people will be rolling on. It’s nice to see a video that’s not just edited to show all perfect, 10 back strikes just to make a ball look better than it really is. It’s cool just to see a couple of top staffers playing loose and giving a little insight to their game. I love all the people harping on Sean also. Dude is literally one of the nicest guys you could talk to in person and is actually really humble. People mistake passion for being a jerk. bunch of house pro’s on here acting like they could even hold a candle to his level of talent and would get absolutely dog walked by him any day of the week. Also, having Daria in here really showed what this ball can and can’t do well since her game is what most bowlers these days could only hope to emulate, male or female. great video and hopefully you do more like this with other SPI staffers in the future 🙂

  6. Getting two of them to counter the conditions, dull and strong for the fresh, shiny, and weak for the burn.

  7. I’m from #stormnation & #team900global as well & actually I bowled with Daria from the PWBA pro-am 2 years ago & Sean is my bowling friend & clinic partner from the PBA. Both of them throw so well, never a complaint & I can throw a 900 Global Sublime during my matchmaking event in April of 2023. 🎳

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