Dom Barrett on ‘Staying Present as a Dad and Husband’ While Far from Family

Dom Barrett crouching down to FaceTime with wife Cassie the moment he won the 2022 PBA Tournament of Champions.


Being on the road and away from family for large chunks of the year isn’t easy for anyone on the PBA Tour.

But imagine if you’re Dom Barrett. The PBA World Championship and recent Tournament of Champions winner calls England home. As a result, he is a lot farther away from his family, wife Cassie and son Colby Henry Barrett, who was born August 18, 2018, than are U.S.-based players.

Barrett’s family can’t make it out to most TV shows to which he advances, or most tournaments generally, because of how long of a trip is, but also because Colby is so young and mom has to take care of him while dad is gone.

But Barrett, like many international players, loves to FaceTime with his wife and son at the hotel or wherever he is staying, and at the “bowl” before competition begins.

On this particular trip to Colorado, Barrett is staying with PBA Hall of Famer Chris Barnes. On one particular call, it was pretty evident who Colby was more interested in greeting.

“Hello,” Barrett and Barnes would say.

What would Colby say back?

“Hello Chris Barnes!”

It’s as if his dad wasn’t even there! The truth is, Colby just recognizes Barnes from past TV shows.

“Because it’s Chris Barnes from TV,” Barrett said, chuckling. “Those things are always cool.”

But who is Colby’s favorite bowler? Is it Chris Barnes?

“I actually haven’t asked him who his favorite bowler is,” Barrett said. “I would imagine from the Webber Cup and how much Jesper struck, it’s probably Jesper Svensson.”

In all seriousness, Barrett knows how important it is to be present in his son’s life and to prioritize his family, even when he can’t physically be there. It’s about connecting in whatever way he can.

“I’m a husband and a father, so making sure I stay in contact with my family is so important to me,” Barrett said. “Being on the road as much as we are, it’s still important to me that I stay present as a dad and a husband, so I’m talking every day and I say goodnight every night.”

So how difficult is it for Barrett to balance his work life with his family life?

“It takes a lot of sacrifice,” Barrett said. “Especially for my wife, at home, looking after my boy by herself for the most part is really difficult.

“I wouldn’t be able to do anything I do out here on the road without them at home,” he said.

Barrett went viral within the bowling community after winning the TOC. Ahead of his 10th frame against Kris Prather, with the victory in hand, he wanted his wife to witness the moment too.

So he called her up on FaceTime that very moment, placed his phone upright on his chair, and let them take it in with him.

Could Barrett have another moment like that this week in Colorado?

Barrett bowled 787 in his last three games Wednesday night to lead the Storm Cup: PBA Colorado Springs Open, rolling games of 244, 298 and 245.

Who knows? Maybe by Thursday night he will be celebrating another title with his family.

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