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Bowling shouldn’t hurt. Bowling through pain or injury limits your potential and can cause further injury and more pain. In this free video Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains multiple problem areas bowlers face when dealing with finger pain and provides answers on how to fix those problems.

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5 Comments on “Don’t Bowl with Finger Pain”

  1. My ball fits nice at the start of the first game but by the end of the second game I have trouble getting my fingers in the holes because they are a little swollen. I think I may need to have replacesable inserts like the turbo and switch them when that happens.

  2. If you cant get your thumb in the ball without getting your fingers in first your span is too long and do not bowl with it!!

  3. My middle finger first joint has soreness and stiffness.

    Is this a pitch – maybe too much forward causing the finger not to exit effortlessly?

    Or perhaps span?

    My ring finger on the right and near the nail I have callous. Obviously there is irritation as the finger exits.

    Maybe changing the location of the ring finger might help?

    Please share your thoughts.

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