Dramatic 2012 PBA Tournament of Champions Roll-off

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A dramatic four-player one-game roll-off ends with an unbelievable finish at the 2012 PBA Tournament of Champions from Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more info or to subscribe to Xtra Frame, visit www.pba.com.

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24 Comments on “Dramatic 2012 PBA Tournament of Champions Roll-off”

  1. lol i need to get to the point where i can just be like “eh, drill a couple balls nbd…” instead of thinking “damn this is costing me a lot of money…”

  2. That was very intense.

    The old 50ft pattern should make a guest appearance on a telecast sometime! 😀

  3. Hope nobody was deaf to tell Mika please make some way people is looking at your back….

  4. In this you can actually see the pins. Most videos on xtra frame are so bad i can’t see which pin someone left.

  5. I guess Xtra Frame is forbidden to disturb the bowlers during play. There were a few moments they could have been quicker to cut to the alternative camera; but overall I don’t think the coverage was too bad.

  6. To be honest, Mika isn’t the brightest guy on the tour… and that makes it even sadder, given the state of professional bowling today. Gone is the studious, graceful, and articulate athlete of the pre Pete Weber era. Now we must endure the sound of a less than agile contestant’s ball landing a distance from the foul line.

    1. Paul Money
      Don’t overestimate this current crop. Making shots, hitting marks, and repeating were all things many bowlers who seldom cashed could do. Carrying with the balls of the day, pins without gymnastics engineered in them, and wood lanes were detrimental to pin-carry. Such is not the case today. Pros today will regularly stand at the line after a less-than-burried pocket hit with their hands on their hips as if they were entitled to carry the sloppy hits. The game isn’t the same because of equipment, and for that reason neither is the participant. If it continues this way, it’ll be no different than miniature golf in 20 years… hardly a sport anymore.

    2. 20alphabet
      I agree with all that you say, The game isn’t the same and in my view, less interesting because less challenging. However, I do think that the bowlers who rise to the top in any generation would find a way to do so in a different era, because they would adapt. Mika has taken his game all round the world and won against the very best. You can’t do more than that.
      There is of course an upside to the modern equipment. The wooden lane was expensive to install, needed regular re-lacquering, an annual resurface when the whole bowl shut down and wore out the balls and pins faster. It also quickly developed a track to the pocket. I think the plastic lane has kept the game affordable. We might have even fewer centres without it!
      The game, at all levels, still has opportunities for all types of player. I am very old now, but a couple of weeks ago I bowled a 279 and a 711, the latter my highest ever series in 55 years (on and off) of bowling. I know in my heart that the Ultimate Nirvana made it easier for me than it would have been with a Crown Jewel, or a Columbia white dot or a gold Angle, but hey, it still felt good! I think we are just about done here eh? Good luck!

    3. Paul Money
      While I’ve heard the rebuttal that those at the top would’ve found a way to the top back then, my view is a bit different. Those who are attracted to today’s game wouldn’t have had the interest in the real deal. The temperaments are completely different. Look at the crowds behind the lanes at a pro event in the 50s and 60s and then look at the crowd on any current ESPN subscriber supported show. So while I understand the theory, there’s evidence to support an opposing opinion. Bowling was known as ” the gentleman’s sport” at that time, and for good reason. Would anyone without previous bowling consider that title accurate after watching a modern day pro title match? Different animals are attracted by different stimuli, and today’s game has attracted a different personality without a doubt. Happy Holidays.

    4. Ok. For one: It is arrogant to say that you can tell somebody’s age from how they speak. Generally word choice is universal and so it tells you nothing of their age. Secondly: *you’re young…

  7. Let me say this Mika is a very nice guy & funny. He was not the issue it was the camera person & the the staff. He spike & said it clear it sadden him that he & Kelly couldn’t go through but that is PBA & USBC.

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