Final #MoMonday featuring Mo Pinel – Pandemonium Solid

Phil Cardinale remembers Mo Pinel and what made him special in this final segment of #MoMonday featuring the Legend himself doing what he loved the most — Talking about the bowling balls he designed.
#RIPMoPinel #ForMopey

20 Comments on “Final #MoMonday featuring Mo Pinel – Pandemonium Solid”

  1. Rest In Peace, Mo!
    Thanks to finding his “Mo Mondays” answers to submitted questions, I started taking a serious interest in learning the finer points of bowling (paying much more attention to the details of cores, covers, oil patterns, etc).
    We all will miss you, Mo!

  2. Bowling is mourning one of the greatest minds in the history of ball design. Rest in peace

  3. This is the first time i heard of this…..Sorry to hear my condolences to family and friends…..Mo was the smartest man in bowling the way he broke down tactical stuff so that bowlers could indeed get better.

  4. Rest in Peace Mo. You will be missed greatly in the bowling community. Thanks to you and Mikey, I was able to take your lessons to heart and use them daily when drilling and doing layouts. I offer the family my deepest condolences and we will continue to pass the knowledge blessed to us to our customers at Cobra Kai Pro Shop.

  5. I’m saddened to hear the news of Mo’s passing. I worked with Mo in the late 60’s and he taught me things I have never forgotten. I always saw him as the mad professor that was decades ahead of the bowling experts. What a tremendous legacy he leaves behind. Thanks for who you were and what you taught us all.

  6. Rest and be at peace, bowling forever with the other legends. Love my Radical Closer Pearl with what Mo called the “tweaked” symmetrical core.

  7. We will miss your knowledge and understanding of bowling. I learned and applied many of the concepts demonstrated from your presentations. My prayers go out to your family and friends.

  8. Mo will definitely be missed by alot I know his legacy will keep going on and not be forgotten I hope his son mikey pinel will follow in his footsteps

  9. Thank you Mo, I’ll be thinking of you when I roll the ball on the lanes using every bit of knowledge you’ve provided me.

  10. I learned so much from him in a very short time. I’m really going to miss his wisdom. Thankfully we have his videos to look back on.
    Rest well, Mo. From now on whenever there’s a thunderstorm, we’ll know you’re up there helping the angels get those strikes. ⚡😇💖

  11. Even though I’m a storm guy, I always watched Mo for his amazing wisdom of the game. He seemed to genuinely care about the equipment being put out and his passion for this sport showed. I’m sorry to all of the fans of Radical for your loss. The bowling world mourns with you all today.

  12. RIP my friend, I’ll never forget our Bowling Chat talks and will remember how in 2 hrs you changed the way I bowl. I’m sure Scott Pohl is in mourning as well.

  13. What a complete shock, I’m stunned to hear this sad news. I was just getting into Mo and his bowling wisdom, and I know that he was the one who I would understand. He can explain it to where I could actually know what he meant. RIP Mo ,you are missed already.

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