Guinness World Record for Strikes by Webber Students Trained at Kegel Training Center - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

Three different Webber International University bowlers that train at the Kegel Training Center break the record for the most number of strikes in a minute. The ultimate record holder was Colin Champion from Florida with 8 strikes! Marcelo Suartz from Brazil and Kristis Sergejevas from Lithuania were both able to throw 7 strikes. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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20 Comments on “Guinness World Record for Strikes by Webber Students Trained at Kegel Training Center”

  1. I don’t like all the haters on youtube who diss 900 series and such. But what exactly IS the big deal about this? I would assume any 190+ bowler could do this?

  2. For all you guys saying this is easy to beat, you must know this is NOT a house pattern to which you are most probably used to. This is Kegel sports pattern. I wanna see you guys go to the training center and try to beat it. And please post a video so I can LOL.

  3. But why would you want to? Is there some advantage conferred onto a bowler by doing it really fast?

  4. My point, which I’m not certain deserved an “ugh,” is that we can have a world record of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin but why do we pay people to keep track of it?

  5. i had a chance to bowl with Colin Champion, and let me tell you, this kid’s a beast. I think he ended up winning that months FJBT tournament. Good Job dude.

  6. What was the world record before this video?

    The intro is written somewhat strange; it was written as if Colin, Marcelo and Kristis previously established the record before this was filmed, since it was written in past-tense form. It also read like the three of them didn’t represent Webber. The first guy threw 7x’s, and I was thinking, “Wait – that wasn’t the world record – it’s 8x’s.”

  7. These approaches must be immaculate. I could imagine picking up so much dirt from switching lane to lane.

  8. This must be on a sport shot. We do this for fun after work with house balls on a house shot and tear it up. Cool that they have a record for it anyways.

    1. betoms01 a Brooklyn strike is when you cross of the head pin an hit the 1-2 pocket instead of the 1-3 pocket for left bandera a Brooklyn would be the 1-3 pocket

  9. im my opinion none of these should count since they had a second person to help them (giving the ball to them) so it was not done solo

  10. “brooklands” means he bowls one side, but the ball hits the other side of the pocket (where the ball has the best chance for a strike)

  11. Seen a couple of nice messengers. For those not in the know its when the headpin (#1) hits either the left side wall or the right side wall to knock out the corner pin (#7 or #10, depending on either you’re left-handed or right-handed).

  12. Why wouldn’t you start over when you didn’t get a strike?
    Or say, go for five minutes straight then figure out which minute was your strongest.
    Example: Between the time 2:16 – 3:16 you get ten strikes.

  13. The trick to this is you need to set before you go it needs to be like a 1 second set it will make you get more strikes faster

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