25 Comments on “High Performance Bowling Shoes Explained! How to Slide Like the Pros.”

  1. Thanks for the info. This is stuff I’ve wondered about, and it has kept me from buying replaceable soles/heels til now.

  2. I have thought about buying this sort of item even at my tender age of 66, can you buy individual replacement soles?

  3. good information thanks. Wound you do a segment on wrist supports. I see you utilize one. My wrist gives out fast and I’m down to a 13lb ball

  4. Great info! Shoes are the last thing I think about… except making sure my sliding soles don’t get wet… Thank You! πŸ€™πŸ½πŸ˜ŠπŸ€™πŸ½

  5. I have lost the ability of sliding on the approach and my body is paying for it. Thanks for the video Shannon! I have to relearn sliding to save my knees and get my game back to where it was.

  6. I am not a great bowler but for my age (I am 71)…I average in the 190’s
    Which is pretty good and I will tell you this…the most important thing that I MUST feel comfortable with before I start to bowl are my shoes…meaning my slide shoe and my
    stop shoe and the next thing that MUST feel right is the fit of my thumb…after that
    feels good I am set to start bowling.

  7. Great video, I wish you continued success! Thank you for spending the time to share all of this, also a fun watch! =)!

  8. I don’t slide, I am a planter. So I am looking for both grip and cushion against the hard lane surface so my knees hold up.
    Any models you would recommend for a planter?

  9. I have been bowling for about 25 years and just bought my first pair of performance shoes. Thank you for the introduction.

    1. We’d suggest either checking with your local Pro Shop operator or check on the manufacturer’s website for more specific information and to purchase them.

  10. Awesome πŸ‘Œ tyvm… I’m buying those shoes.
    I have always used house shoes up until about 8 yrs ago, and was used to the amount of slide from them, when i bought my 1st pair of bowling shoes, and the very little slide they had through me off , it was a big adjustment that i still don’t think I’ve gotten used to. It throws of my whole release.

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