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The USBC Bowling Academy offers instructional videos featuring Team USA and USBC-Certified Gold coaches as well as other professionals in the bowling world. Our goal is to provide education, advice and instruction that will give bowlers the tools needed to improve their game and become more knowledgeable about the sport of bowling.

Enjoy this new video and some of our other free videos on this channel. They are just a small sampling of the library of high quality, step-by-step instruction presented by the USBC Bowling Academy.

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29 Comments on “High Quality Videos for Bowlers of all Skill Levels.”

  1. Thank you so much for this. I’m a non-hook, straight-shooter (LOL), and I haven’t been able to find much instruction out there. Although this video addresses straight balls for spares by those who hook, it’s also great advice for someone like myself. When combined with instruction elsewhere on your channel on the various other aspects of good bowling form, I feel like I’m ready (and able) to make the changes in my style to get the most out of my abilities as a straight bowler. (I’ve never had any interest in being a hook bowler. It’s fantastic stuff to watch, but I’m far more attracted to straight bowling. Especially as I tend to get more Brooklyn strikes than ‘regular’ ones, so I have double the sweet-spot that hook bowlers do.) Many thanks!

    1. I’m curious, what are you averaging on a league, if you are on a league? I have a bowler on my team who averages 174 currently.

    1. +4700Vennesla They said if you leave an open frame, you lose at LEAST 11 pins. 12 Still fits in that category. If you get 9/, 9-, X, then you’ve lost 11 pins.

  2. Couldn’t we just use a spare ball lol? I mean though I guess its good to know how to change your release anyways.

  3. lol i avg 210 and use a spare ball and just hook it at 7 pins works good on house shots but i do notice on sports shot u kinda got change it so i just move it with a bit more hook more easier for me anyway and i make almost all my spares…

    1. +Andy Rosebrook They’re referring to your arm doing the pointing, i.e. your arm is the three foot arrow because your arm is about 3 feet in length give or take.

  4. @1:25
    I use my beastly haywire, crux pearl, etc to make my ten pin. Years of experience and training opening up my hand flat (almost a back up ball) and I stand at board 40 and hit the center arrow. If I’m having a good night, I’ll make 8 of 8, like last Tuesday =)

  5. Good video. I’ll tell ya, lately I have been missing the left side of the lane (I’m a right-handed bowler), and holy crap is it affecting my game. I should never miss the 7 pin, and every single time I am just right of it. I don’t have much of a hook at all. When the lanes are dryer, I play the outside and let the ball come in, but with the new oil machines they got, the entire league is all over the place. However, I’ve been bowling long enough that I feel I should be able to compensate for this, but I’ve been doing horrible this year. I am down to a 177 average now. I was at 195. I know that’s not amazing, but it’s been a struggle this year.

    1. My 7 and 4 pin spare shooting been off also lately. I had looked at the dots by accident when I was shooting for a split conversion and missed twice. But anyhow, I found out of how to shoot the 7 pin now by accident. I was aiming for the 4-9 split conversion but missed, though the ball was at the imaginary 7 pin. Hard way to learn that. I’m a righty also.

  6. But what about two handers i can throw straight bc even plastic moves and i know the left hand makes the tilt but even then pastic moves. I wish the usbc would make more on two handing bc two handing fundamentals and the mechanics are really different the most people tbink

    1. expertpaintball12595 try pushing your palm out on release rather than ripping your fingers up like usual. It’ll go straight.

    2. just watch belmo or something. he’s a great spare shooter and even with his rev rate his plastic ball only moves like a board or two. maybe you should get your plastic ball polished?

  7. The one thing they forgot to mention was maintaining a flat wrist throughout the swing. I’ve seen people use a flat wrist for spares but during their downswing they cup their wrist a little bit and end up missing their spare. The best thing that helps me is allowing my thumb to lead my downswing through my release. It allows me to have a true end over end roll.

  8. Just started throwing straight at left side spares and man, it was a doozy to start with. Finally becoming more consistent with it though!

  9. For the 10 pin, I can throw it straighter if I use a suitcase grip with the wrist broke back. I have a harder time throwing it straight when I’m behind the ball.

  10. i put my fingers all the way in my bowling ball im try to put my fingers in just a lil bit because yesterday i kept missing my spares over and over i really want to get pins down both frames so i can have a better score

  11. Any ball can be rolled dead straight ever seen norm duke throw spares he just rolls his strike ball end over end some people aren’t capable of doing this

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