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  1. Thank you very much thatโ€™s perfect for me since I only have one hook ball in my arsenal the Hammerweb now where do I buy these amazing pads

    1. You can get them at a lot of places. She was using Tru Cut pads in this video so, I would check out ctdbowling.com (they are the makers of this brand).

  2. Awesome Tip Tuesday, I am still learning about surface, how to apply them and when… Great content here ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ

  3. My game changed when i was encouraged to experiment if you will the changing of surface to tweek the ball reaction to fit my game and the lane condition … The only thing i might add is you mention Abralon pad but your using CTD Tru Cut pads … I really like the CTD Tru Cut pads alot … great video and very informative …

  4. Great tip, however it would be nice if you would let people know the entire process of sanding a ball. ie: How long does one sand the ball for? 1 minute? 20 minutes? Does one clean the ball afterwards? If so with what product? Will the ball be able to go back to its’ original state once changes are made to the surface? Or will the surface have to always be tinkered with? Also please let the viewers know that they can get these pads from their PSO or online. Do not go to a hardware store or try and use sandpaper that they have at home….Just here to help.

    1. Check our Ronald Hickland Jr. on YouTube he will cover everything for you in very easy to follow videos.

  5. USBC should REALLY allow players to change surfaces during competition. I never understood why it was never allowed. Now you can’t even clean your ball during competition, insane.

    That said, those CTD pads are fantastic.

    1. The USBC has issued a waiver to the ball cleaning rule during the pandemic. They are allowing the use of isopropyl alcohol during competition. While it is only temporary, it does let you clean your ball with something while bowling and help keep your hands clean as well.

    2. some WBT events allow surface changes in between games. Depends on what tournament you are bowling, so always pay attention to the tournament rules. But you’re right, most tournaments don’t allow once competition starts.

  6. Those are not Abrilon pads. Those are Tru Cut by Creating the Difference. Big difference and the distinction is important.

  7. Hi Shannon! I noticed that you actually had CTD pads in your hands for this video. Do you prefer CTD pads over Abralon or SiaAir branded pads? And if so, why and when might you not use CTD and instead use true Abralon/SiaAir pads instead?

    1. The CTD pads are working great. Haven’t been using them for a long period of time yet, but I like what I see so far.

  8. We are aware that the pads used in this video are TruCut sanding pads. Generically speaking in terms of using an abrasive in the bowling world, the most common searchable term and used term is Abralon. Sandpaper is what used to be referred to prior to these circle shaped pads. With that said, Shannon still refers to a circular abrasive pad as Abralon regardless of the brand. The technology in these Trucut pads are said by many to last longer and can be found at ctdbowling.com. We apologize for the “general” term of Abralon to any that are offended. Hopefully the amount of attention this video is getting helps CTD Bowling get more sales and we have also reached out to the owner to purchase the pads to sell on InsideBowling.com. No harm or slight intended here whatsoever.

  9. I note the finish on the ball surface and listen to discussions about using different types of grit. What I don’t see is what the resulting effective surface finish is after bowling a few games. In other words, after you deliver the first shot the ball immediately changes and absorbs lane treatments. I’m not looking to see some scientific method but rather how to evaluate how long the change lasts and when to refresh such a condition. I hope this makes some sense.

    1. Howard. I just did this last night on my Omega Crux. The ball was going longer than I like so I hit it with a 1000 Abralon pad and that did the trick. It seemed to last about 1.5-2 games. First few frames of the 3rd game I had to start moving right. Eventually changed balls

  10. How about a camera angle where we can see the ball motion all the way down the lane? Otherwise, good info here.

  11. I also use the CTD TruCut deep groove sanding pads. But, to really get a good clean accurate surface I use the CTD Power Pad/CTD TruCut conditioner with the sanding pad. 100% better result wet sanding versus dry sanding. I rinse out the TruCut pad after each use and each of my grits look like brand new. Dry sanding wears out any make of sanding pad quick.

  12. Shannon, wondering if you can explain how people say to add surface when playing patterns like Viper. Adding surface, does that mean using like the 2000 or do they mean more like a 500?

  13. does it just scratch the surface of the ball? like after bowling with it after a while with the grit will it go back to how it was before so you can change it later on or no?

    1. After about 6 games the surface put on the ball will gradually begin to smooth out again due to what many call “lane shine”. You will begin to see the ball not perform the same on the same oil pattern so you would need to hit the ball again with the pad to restore the grit finish of the pad.

  14. I had my hammer badass at 2000. I just upped it to 4000 and then polished it to see what it will do. I had been going through the face of the head pin a lot so I figured I would try this out. Havenโ€™t yet thrown it but we will see.

  15. Thanks for the visual advise using the different grit numbers Shannon this will help me out Sunday morning and Sunday evening coming up I watch you on tour all the time and after you won player of the year a couple of years ago I hope you can start catching up with Jason with the player of the year award he has

  16. Hereโ€™s what will happen since you canโ€™t adjust the surface during bowling – you will make the adjustment before you bowl next, and the shot will be just different enough for last weekโ€™s ball surface to have been perfect.

  17. You should demonstrate this with a bowling machine. People will bowl slightly differently between each shot, and even adjust slightly for what they are expecting to see without wanting to. Also just going to a lower grit will not always lead to more hook. If the ball just rolls out, then it could well hit with a lot less power and not hook as expected. I feel it would have been worth mentioning that.

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