4 Comments on “How Footwork Impacts Accuracy. Pro Bowling Targeting Tip!”

  1. As an adult who has ADHD, I struggle with consistency with regards to my bowling techniques. I’ve been a bowling league for nearly 6 years and been bowling for nearly 8 years prior to that. Still can’t perfect my footwork…tried it today and gets in the way of my swing thus ruining my timing. I use a finger-tip configuration for both my main ball and spare shooter ball. My brain says aim for that but body does otherwise. I’m based in Sydney Australia, greetings fellow InsideBowling fam.

    1. I have similar issues, as well as issues with overthinking and maintaining my emotions when things don’t go right. ADHD is a pain in the neck. Like, sometimes I’m able to hyperfocus and everything feels “correct”, but then once the dopamine dries up, the issues come and I’m less resistant to set backs. I’ve been trying to get consistent for years, finding methods that’ll work one day, but then fail the next. Still not there yet, but not giving up. Hang in there brother!

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