8 Comments on “How SPEED can DESTROY your SPARE GAME! Pro Bowling Tip to Raise your Average.”

  1. A lot of times this happens when I miss a spare going too slow and my ball gently hooks away from the pin I’m aiming at. Then I try to absolutely destroy the pin on the next spare attempt.

  2. This does make sense. Had that happened last Thursday. After my 9th 10 pin of the set, I got aggravated and threw the ball to hard. Missed left. The next one same thing. Except missing right. I also took other advice as well. Walk in a straight line to the 10 pin. I also experimented with dropping a full pound for the cross alley shots. The tip that was shown in this video and the other two increased my 10 pin pick up percentage from 32% up and stays between 75 to 83% percent now.

  3. Exactly how I shoot my 10 pins. Straight at it, but same ball speed as my strike shot. I draw a line with my eyes from the 10 pin to my right shoulder and I follow that same path with the ball. Nice, smooth, easy release.

  4. I generally pick up spares pretty well but do miss at times. My spare ball speed is 13 miles per hour but my hook speed is 10-11 miles per hour. So I am more of a stroker but technical with finesse at the same time.

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