22 Comments on “How to Adjust Your Bowling Ball Speed Like the Pros!”

  1. You always upload good videos, so I’m watching it well in Korea. Stay healthy and wish you good results on the tour.

  2. Great tip in my opinion. I have followed this channel all year long. My goal was to average 200. I have achieved that goal thanks to these useful tips!

  3. Great Tip! I sometimes forget I can get a bit more speed if I just step back and raise the ball…duh! Merry Christmas to All❀✌

  4. Great tip. one thing i found is if i find a really good line, slightly increasing the speed on each subsequent shot allows me to stay on that line longer, sometimes even the whole game, especially if i stay left of where all the old timers are playing up the right side, about a board. get into their line and the ball hooks but never gets into a roll and misses the head pin every time.

  5. How reliable are the ball speed measurements in the typical center where it is measured downlane?

    It seems like the further out I get the ball (more hook) the slower my ball speed is, whereas if I pull a shot, the speed is faster.

    Could it be both shots were the same speed off my hand, but the outside shot hit more friction, so measured lower, or that the system measures a ball’s speed as slower when it is hooking more vs straight?

  6. Not a pro but a true blower who could be. Yes 100% that is what everyone should do.
    As well like to see a video on how not needing to change balls but moving your feet as all bowlers should do.
    Many people pay for their bowling balls as pro’s do not. Tyvvm.

  7. What if your all the way back on the approach? Also, is there a good way to practice/exercise raising your arm? I feel like I don’t raise it enough like I want it too

  8. Hello Shannon I am 68 years old you are 100% correct, I watch tip Tuesday as much as I can l have learned so much in such a short amount of time, you put more information than most instructors put in 30 minutes keep up the good knowledge that you share with the bowling 🌎 your bowling I Q is great , please let me know you got this text thank you.

  9. I will definitely be using this tip when I am at two different centres. One I really need to speed my ball up and the other down.

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