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  1. How much luck or how much experience do you think it requires to bowl a perfect game? ๐Ÿง

    1. @RC RACER 88 Good for you. I shot a 782 in 84 or so and needed a strike in the 8th to shoot 800. Anyone who says there’s not luck in bowling, come talk to me.

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    4. How to prepared for bowl score is 300 or perfect game at home each day and night before going bowling alley?

  2. My wife has wanted to see me roll a 300 since we met. The last night of league before the shutdown, I managed a Varipapa. She said that was good enough! lol

    1. I still waiting for my first bowling game score is 300 during my bowling games at bowling alley for first time.

  3. I set a goal for myself to break my strike record of 16 in a row. It really takes a lot of pressure off any shot below that.

  4. I bowled 289 game (i dont hook) and i agree with you. messed up my shot because i thought about how hard it could be instead of thinking its the same as first shot…

  5. One at a time and I also think positive thoughts along with keeping my routine consistent. One other thing I did several years ago was learning self relaxation techniques. I have a keyword that I’ll repeat in stressful bowling situations and it really does help. The first time I had 11 in a row I ended up with a 298. Since that and learning relaxation techniques I am 7 for 7 on the 12th frame. Once the 0hysical game is well understood, I believe the mental game is more important. I had #7 yesterday and 2nd in 3 months.

  6. .This video reminded me of night in league 2004-2005 winter season. Rolled the first 11 strikes in a game and got too amped up and light hit got 9 for 299. Only time got that close to 300. Lo and behold 2 weeks later in same league start striking and one of my teammates tells me you got it this time. Jinx for sure. Get to 10th get first 2 strikes and shaking inside big time. Flushed the 12th do not ask me how. Guy working the desk asked me how many I have shot since I looked so calm. Never happen again! Sorry for the long story guys.

  7. I watched an older bowler on the 50+ pba tour roll 36 in a row!!! [ 900 ] The bowler did not even cash, but was the happiest bowler in that field!!!!

  8. Awesomely said… pre-shot routine, clear your mind, image your shot and take that deep breath before you throw… thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ Coach!!!

  9. I have only bowled a few 300s but here is my advice. When you get to the 10th with all strikes, you will only get a triple and a 300 some of the time so don’t worry about it. Bowl at your normal speed in the normal sequence, don’t stand around waiting for lanes outside of courtesy to clear, just bowl like you did for the last 9 strikes. I normally arrive early for bowling and relax. One night I bought a used pickup and was a little late leaving due to the transaction. When I went to get on the highway there was an accident and a huge backup so I had to take side roads I had never been on. I arrived at bowling just before practice ended, was totally stressed out, and was thinking of telling my teammates that maybe I shouldn’t bowl because I will do poorly. But I have never done that in over 40 years, I’m cheap and have to pay whether I bowl or not, and was already there. So I bowled and started with a 300 and got a good 700. It is possible distracting stress can help you bowl well.

    But the most important thing you can do to get a 300 is bowl at a house that lays down a good shot. I bowl at two Bowlero Lanes that aren’t very far apart. One has management that doesn’t care less about bowlers, they think they are running an overpriced bar and game room. When their scoring machine breaks they don’t even have paper score sheets so you can score with pencils. There was only one 300 at that house in a period of four years. The other Bowlero lane rolls out the red carpet to bowlers. The league at that house is limited to 40 teams because that is the number of lanes. The best bowlers average in the 240s and there are about two 300s each week. Before Covid hit I had never seen a bowling alley rake in money like that one. So bowling at an establishment that understands and cares about bowlers and making money is the best way to increase your chances of getting a 300.

    1. I just started bowling and got a 146 on my second night…with a personal ball how far am I from turning those spares to all strikes?

    2. @Steven DeClercq Bowling is a sport where owning your own ball and shoes is mandatory (and reasonably priced). You will immediately do better just by getting a custom drilled ball. Using an alley ball is like playing football in leather soled dress shoes. You can’t be accurate enough to pick up spares consistently and get many strikes with an alley ball. The difference between alley balls and the modern hooking balls sold in pro shops is like the difference between old dial telephones and smartphones.

      Bowling is a lot easier than it used to be (and the speed limits on our highways are higher and the TV has loads of stations). But bowling is a real sport so it that takes years of experience to optimize your shot. Buying a good ball is just the start.

  10. To be honest, my average is significantly higher in practice by myself, then singles tournaments, then 3 man league, then 5 man leagues. When you got 9 other people changing the lane condition before every shot you take, bowling 300 is nearly impossible. Put me in practice and I can easily string together 6-8 strikes any given point. ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  11. It gets easier to manage the pressure the more you find yourself in the position to shoot 300. I shot three 299 games before I shot 300.

  12. At one point I had 7 in a row but in the 6-12th frames so there was no pressure unlike my friend who got to the 10th perfect and threw a good shot but got unlucky with a 9

  13. 267 with seven strikes in a row was the closest I ever got, shocked I got that, on wood lanes and I was using a heavy oil ball meant for lanes three times what the lanes were, I was standing on the left side of the gutter and lofting it, eventually I got tired and I couldn’t do it 12 times. Might have gotten a 300 had I gotten to stay living in my lanes I learned to bowl in, I recently started bowling again, will see what 20 years of life and asthma have done.

  14. I’m still trying to roll 300 after almost 40 years of trying. I always seem to leave a 7 or 10-pin somewhere. 2 299’s, a couple of 298’s, couple of 290’s, and a bunch of 279’s. I keep getting nervous during a long string, or on key shots. Don’t know how to break that yet. ๐Ÿ™

  15. One thing I can say is donโ€™t grab the ball. I got really grabby on my first 300 and have seen many people grab the ball and go through the face on the 12th ball. No need to give it any more umph in the last one when the last 11 already struck. But at the same time Iโ€™ve seen people be too relaxed and miss it at the bottom (me)

  16. After my 2nd shot in the 10th I slowed down and calmy told myself to throw one more more good shot. And I don’t usually slow down but I felt like I needed to right there in that situation and it worked.

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