13 Comments on “How to Bowl Your Best Using the 3-Step Timing Drill”

  1. I have to say that when I started doing the 3 step drill, I was struggling to get the timing of it correct for me. Tbh I HATED this drill for that exact reasons and avoided it for quite some time. But I am happy to say that I stuck with it, forced myself out of my comfort zone and today I don’t have a practice session without a couple of minutes of doing this drill! And I enjoy it so much! It really has improved my feel and relaxed my swing as my timing has become more consistent 🤗 so yes, like Shannon said: STICK WITH IT AND BE PATIENT!

    1. Try to keep your wrist firm. If you still have trouble, wear a wrist brace and stay behind the ball. Hopefully this will help you with your game.

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