22 Comments on “How to Change Rotation With a Bowling Ball. Control Hook with Different Releases. #shorts”

    1. But how would you know if your hand is coming around the ball..I use to do b that a long tyme ago.. and the ball was spinning at the bottom..

  1. Coming up the back of the ball makes it read the lane sooner makes no sense! That’s probably why I suck at bowling!!!

  2. I have an issue where if I spread my index and pinky out, when I release the ball, the inner-side of my pinky tends to get sore. Is there a way I can fix that mistake?

  3. I was just working on this today. Trying to get my dad to come up the back of the ball. 30 plus years of him making the ball hook by coming around the ball is a hard habit to crack!

  4. Thank you for all your training tips. This video is very helpful along with all your other ones. Got my avg up to 200 right now. I just need to stop pulling up, don’t know if there is a drill for that.

    1. Usually puling up through the finish is the result of pulling through too forcefully with upper body muscle. Doing some foul line drills and then one step drills can help you to feel being more relaxed through the finish. letting the ball swing through rather than making it swing through. Thanks for watching and good luck on the lanes!

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