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    1. You would probably want to consider less aggressive balls if you have a higher rev rate. Also speed makes a huge difference. The higher your ball speed the more aggressive of a ball you can use no matter your rev rate. Hope this helps!

    2. @InsideBowling thanks for the tip about speed dominant bowlers. Working on getting a broader arsenal.

    3. I bowl the same way. Tom doughty has a great video about this. Speed will make or break you. If your a higher speed though, check out the zen and axiom solid. Slow speed the p3 and hy road maxx. I would also look at the fast pitch and the purple hammer.

    4. @Tight Lines Productions thanks I’ll look for tom’s video and look at the zen and axiom. Currently loving my forge flare

  1. I’ve only been bowling about a month after a 20 year break.
    I’m taking advantage of closeouts with the new season, I’ve got a dv8 intimidator pearl, an ebonite omni solid and a pyramid blood moon rising(asym, hybrid cover).
    I’m really enjoying the new technology and having money to try stuff! (I hadnt bowled since high school)

    1. Probably need to slow down on spending money and channel it into practicing. I’m not saying more than one ball is useless. I’m saying dumping cash into equipment is an easy way to “hope” you improve on “something.”

  2. i have strong solid asym, medium hybrid asym, medium sym and weak sym. no spare ball. i just wonder why we need strong sym? maybe people here in comment can explain me

  3. I just bought my first pink/blue/purple, fragranced frosted cake, storm electrify 14 lb as my strike ball and I use my 10 lb red star elite as my spare ball!! Eventually hoping to work my way up to a 15 lb Hammer or Obsession strike ball then use my storm as a spare ball! Thanks for all your advice!!
    Love from Idaho 🏞️❀️😊 🎳

  4. Would there be a difference amongst 2-handed bowlers? I currently have a Black Widow, Kinetic Obsidian, and a Tactix Urethane. Should I add on a plastic spare ball for oil patterns?

  5. Pinel wrote an article about using two identical pairs of balls,drilled one pin up- one pin down. One pair aggressive cover and one for lighter oil patterns. I’ve added one extra set of symmetric to go with the aggressive asymmetrical first set.

  6. I am having problems, I can not get a proper drilled ball , I can work with bad span, tips, angle, it is the thumb that is difficult, please any input ? I am restarting my game, 50 year old Manhattan, fits perfect, 3 new balls all different shops all are bad, tried using the old ball as a template and tried fitted, all are sloppy, tape is not allowing me to dial in, thoughts?

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