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  1. Two handed bowling should be banned from any competition style play. It’s easier and takes less skill. Any one handed bowler can easily bowl two handed but two handed bowlers can’t necessarily bowl one handed.

    1. @TraumaER because most can’t bowl. Hence the reason they use two hands. And if they are missing spares that much then they should really think about not doing scratch play.

    2. I don’t think two handed bowling should be banned. Two handlers have the same issues as one hand bowlers. Learning to match speed with rev rate to create the maximum amount of carry and power on the pocket shot. Some days it feels like a real advantage bowling with two hands but believe I’ve seen two handed bowlers struggle as well.

  2. Wow Marshall is soo talented!! Hats off 🎩, as always thank u for the great tips, Inside Bowling 😍

    1. You’re right, Marshall is extremely talented!! Thanks for the nice comments and thanks for watching our videos, we really appreciate it!!

    1. Which is why you have to rely on wider entry angles or using a weaker ball to get to the pocket.

    2. @Luke Lanam hop isn’t mandatory. Belmonte and Daugherty don’t hop. Hopping means your timing is off. It’s that simple.

    3. @TraumaER the hop I’m talking about is right before they release the ball and Belmonte does do that. Daurghty doesn’t be he isn’t 2 handed.

  3. great video but I’m a lil disappointed. Where is your backup ball Marshall? 😀

  4. I struggled with keeping my hand underneath the ball. I start in a cupped position but it seems on the downswing I can’t stay cupped. By the time I’m at the release my hand is above the equator of the ball.

    1. I always try to think of my hand when I release in the “shaking hands position”. This way you have a gage on where to stop. Practice it everytime without the ball when you’re up to bowl. Every shot. Then throw.

    1. Many times when the speed increases too much it can be the result of pulling too much with the arm to try to make the hand motion quicker. Looser muscles are quicker than tighter muscles so the looser the hand is the quicker it can be through the release. Using too much muscle can actually inhibit a quicker hand but increase ball speed more than desired.

    1. @Steele Fishing LOL. You have to try it. It’s more like insurance that says you followed through correctly. Hard to randomly start swinging your arm if you didn’t follow through the first time LOL!

    2. @Steele Fishing: I’ll let you in on a little secret….that arm movement Marshall is doing (after releasing the ball) is the after-effect of transferring the energy from your arm swing to the ball. It’s just residual energy from spinning up the ball. It’s something you need to incorporate into your game. I just taught an 11 year old young girl how to start doing that during lessons today. Before, she just tossed it out onto the lane and the ball had no energy when it hit the pins. Afterwards, at least twice the energy. Instead of her ball ricocheting after the initial hit, her ball drove into the pins with force.

    3. @TheSkippy70 I know it’s the energy but sooooo many bowlers do it and I don’t get how that can make u better or consistent since like u said it’s the “after-effect”

  5. I doubt there is another PBA bowler than can do all 3 methods at that high of a level. Marshall is underrated!

  6. And then there is my unique way, pinky and ring and thumb. I get some very strong motion take a 👀.

  7. there isn’t much point to doing slo-mo playback if your just showing us the 60fps footage. it’s just as much of a blurred mess at either speed. i know recording at 120-240fps visibly shows the flourescent lighting switching on and off but we’d still have more to see of what the bowlers hands are doing at the point of release.

  8. Very talented, which if anybody has seen Marshall, knows this. Hate to say this..you definitely throw a mean 2 hander..just goes to show ya folks. True old school bowlers of the game, go one handed, thumb in the ball. Thanks bud, for proofing that statement. 👍👏👏

  9. Hats off, Marshall. I tried two-handed and no thumb on sports patterns and averaged 123 at best. I twisted my wrist bowling with no thumb one-handed. Yeah, the thumb is the way to go for now.

    1. For a right handed player, the fingers will rotate in more of a counter-clockwise motion through the release to create a conventional hook motion, so for the reverse hook the fingers would have more of a clockwise rotation motion through the release. Thanks for your question and thanks for watching our videos, we appreciate it!

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