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  1. This is what I needed ofc I haven’t tried it yet but me being on 3 bowling leagues an different oil patterns on one league my ball hooks great on another league sometimes and on the last league barely hooks. Ima cook my bowling ball again so all the oil is extracted from the ball which I haven’t done it in awhile bc I never have time lol

  2. Thanks a lot for every single video you guys made, I’m improving my game so much! Thanks for the tips! Blessings for you!

    1. @InsideBowling can u make a video on how to control you’re bowling balls speed please I cant seem to figure out my problem with it but when I bowl I start off good thn near the end I either throw the ball too fast or too slow and then my ball hooks into the head pin or all the way over to the 7 pin

  3. Wow….. First time I’ve seen this advocated by coaches……. THIS was the thing that helped me the most in bowling. I discovered this from my own frustration. I bowl further forward, and move back as the lanes start to transition. SECOND most important thing was NOT pulling down during my swing…..

    1. I feel you on this. It’s SO hard not to pull down, I’ve done it for a long time, it’s in muscle memory so it feels kind of wrong to just let the ball fall on the downswing. My body panics on the downswing if it’s not micro-managing with the hand. One thing that helped me a ton was actually softening my wrist on the backswing and not trying to cup the wrist all the way through the shot. It’s so much easier to keep my hand inside, keep that dreaded elbow from bending on the downswing as I try to “pull it” inside, and I actually get way more inside-out, and more revs with less effort. Takes a lot of practice to undo bad habits in muscle memory, but keep practicing brother, we’ll get there!

    2. @FrigginTommyNoble Try to visualize your arm as a pendulum throughout the swing. You push out, and then let the ball fall down and back with the force of gravity. The higher your set position with the ball, the higher your back swing should be. Once the back swing is at its highest point, concentrate on letting it FALL toward the vertical. Don’t yank, don’t push. Just let it fall. When your arm falls down to vertical (the ball should be next to your sliding foot), that’s when it’s time to apply your strength to push the ball out and up. If you’ve remembered to keep your hand behind or under the ball in the strong finger position, you should be able to get decent rotation on the ball. Another thing to try, in addition to the shorter approach, is a lower ball location on the set position. If the ball is held near your hip instead of high up, near the chin, your whole ball swing should be lower and your ball speed will naturally be slower. Good luck!

    3. @Ironfangzu Thanks for the reply. I have some videos of my swing on my channel under “My Bowling Videos,” I upload them for my coach but if you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to comment on them, I appreciate it people’s input!

  4. Thanks for the tip Mike. I couldn’t get my ball to hook more when I needed to. I’ll keep this in mind next time I bowl league, which is tomorrow (just subbing for someone for the next 4 weeks, but my regular night is Sunday).

    1. Is it? Watch any given established professional in this sport and their ball speed and rotation. Even better, check out what your 210+ average bowlers in your league are doing. Then come back and say that less is more.

      You aren’t totally wrong, but oil patterns don’t hold up to where less is more these days.

  5. Mike Shady and Backstage Bowling are fantastic resources, but his advice here is very problematic. Slowing down like this will not only potentially get a ball to burn up but will also leave a bowler with nowhere else to move, especially on house shots where it can get cliffed very easily in the track area.

    It’s a much better idea in my opinion for speed dominant players to get a more aggressive ball with more surface and be way later on timing, possibly lofting it (high, not far, there is a difference between the two) if necessary. If Mike stayed where he was where he left the 2 but was a bit later on timing, it would have delayed the skid phase, saving it for the midlane. Then the ball would have hit well.

    DYDS, ball speed, super aggressive equipment with surface (This equipment setup carves a line in out of bounds areas which blends out over/under areas), and loft. Those are the tools needed for speed dominant bowlers to conquer the modern super cliffed house shots.

    1. What all this boils down to is everyone is different …… Good at some bowling technique crappy at others. We all have our own quirks . I bowl scientific method – Throw the ball, OBSERVE the ball and adjust as necessary assuming you threw the ball well and hit your spot. For some stupid reason moving forward (using the approach mounting screw hole plugs as a guide) got me to the place I need to be. I always feel like I can have a good game now…..

    2. Sir Joelsuf, not every tip works for every player. We’re sure that your scenario could be true as well. Thanks for watching.

  6. Could you make a video with tips on how to deal with carry down or burnt up heads from league bowlers using plastic or urethane? I bowl second shift after a league primarily throwing plastic and I have nights where I can’t make the ball make the corner with a 500 rev rate and it confuses me.

    1. Throw something that’ll skid through the front and have energy on the back, it’s worked well for me 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. Lucas, you are right about playing a different zone on the lane. When coach Shady hit the same target, the ball went brooklyn with this adjustment. In our videos, people prefer to see strikes with the tip adjustment, therefore coach had to move inside a bit. You should notice much more change of direction due to the decrease in ball speed by moving up on the approach. Thanks for watching as always!

    2. @InsideBowling That’s fair. It just seems a bit disingenuous to say that one change made all the difference when, in reality, it was more than that. I don’t see any harm in showing the Brooklyn, and the adjustment as well that led to the strike. More education for everyone!

    3. @InsideBowling I was about to comment on the different targets, but you answered it right here. I would argue that for instructional videos (so, main purpose is education not entertainment), people would rather see accuracy between shots in order to “see” better what the change is, thank just…see strikes. There are tons of videos if people only want to see strikes. Plus then some people will notice the “cheating” anyway lol. Great videos, overall , thanks !

    4. @Denman Fite In principle you are right, but in order for speed to alter the target board so early (arrows), you would need very little or no oil in the heads, and huge speed difference and very low frit ball surface. Speed will mostly make you hit a different target much further downlane.

  7. I am a back-up bowler can u have some videos like this that will help me hook the ball more? Everytime I try throwing like a normal right handed bowler I spin biscuit it I’ve had people work with me to no avail! I try bringing my hand up like I’m shaking hands with someone but that does no good if I don’t know where to release the ball. Back up feels natural to me because that’s the way my arm goes when I lift it so I’ve just stuck with it I was just hoping to see more videos from backup bowlers

    1. We have a backup bowling video coming in the next couple of months. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it.

  8. I needed this tip this week when I left the 2-8 all night. Made me hate bowling. 80% of my shots felt perfect. 💯

  9. Nice tip Coach. Have to try this. Question, do you play the same line or do you move when you move up on the approach?

    1. If the ball was wasn’t hooking enough to come back to the pocket you may be able to play the same line with this adjustment. Sometimes with a slower ball speed and more hook, you may have to move further inside to a bit more oil to be in the pocket. Thanks for the question and thanks for watching our videos!

  10. Nice tip, but would be better using the same slide board, same target or the same launch angle, same laydown. However the ball is going a little bit slowly. The shots are really diferent, the strike shot you made a 4×3 boards adjustment.

    1. Coach Shady did this and he went high for a split after the adjustment. We used the clip of him splitting the 8-9 with the move. Looks better to most viewers. Thanks!

  11. I like how he neglected to point out how the ball that “hooked more” was 3 boards inside of the first shot.

    1. Ben, as we replied to another person that talked about this, the reason why we showed the move inside is because we wanted to show a strike. We have another video that shows How to Strike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwtzDj4azmw and we don’t show one strike and we got hammered in the comments. So, when coach Shady threw the ball in the same area after making the adjustment he crossed over to the brooklyn side. So do we show that or do we show the strike? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Glad you liked the neglected move. Thanks for watching.

    2. Well most people will have a slower ball speed which means it’s pretty safe to say move your target more inside to use the oil. My guess is if you slow it down AND throw it into the friction it’ll go through the nose or Brooklyn 🤔

  12. Haha we don’t have enough oil on a Lanes in our Center to worry about hooking the ball more the ball already hooks too much I’m actually taking two steps back on the approach to get more ball speed and skid the complete opposite

  13. I have a question…going a bit forward to get more hook can give a lots of wrapping ten pin (6 wrapping above the 10) – this happens to me. How do I avoid this?
    Infact what are the exact changes to be incorporated to avoid the ringing ten pin which I get a lot (6 coming above the 10).
    My 2nd qstn is that how do I tackle lanes where others are randomly playing with urethane? Should I play with a urethane too? I dont like to play with a urethane as my rev is pretty low.

    1. Anthony there can be many factors that can result in that ringing 10 pin. As proven on a computer tracking system, most ringing 10 pins are about 1 inch light in the pocket. Obviously it can be almost impossible to to see a 1 inch difference at 60 ft away lol so it can look like a perfect hit. Many times this could be the result of the ball skidding just a bit too long before getting into the hook and roll phases. As far as the urethane question, urethane can tend to create a bit more carry down of oil, which can make the backends play a bit tighter. In this case you may have to move your breakpoint in just a bit and play a bit more of the hold down the lane. Thanks for the questions and thanks for watching our videos, we appreciate it!!

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