15 Comments on “How to Improve Your Bowling Finish Position featuring Shannon O’Keefe”

  1. Been practicing this a lot in practice sessions. At the very least, you look like a better bowling if you post your shot LOL!

  2. Great tip. I’ll have to share this with my buddy’s gf. She has taken up bowling with us in our fun Friday night league and I have been trying to help her with different tips I have learned along the way and have gotten a few from Coach Shady. She’s very small framed and has a hard time letting the ball do the work and instead tries to put her whole body into it. I’ve pointed her to your videos before to tell her to watch your form and finish. This is yet another one I’ll have to make sure she watches.

  3. The thing is getting myself limber enough to make the smooth action. As I bowl more back to back games, the smoother I get and the score goes with it.

  4. Tip Tuesday. Please can u do bowling on dry lanes. What too do? Thanks for all the videos. I have used all these tips to make my game better.

  5. It is true! When I post at the line it it usually a good shot! I know there are those that may say you hold a post at the you are a “show off”.
    Who cares 😁!

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