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  1. When you say “Make adjustments”… what were you meaning by that???
    * Move the feet over 1-2.
    * Move your target point over 1-2. Wish you could have been a little more thorough on explaining what you meant?
    Thanks Shannon.

    1. Hi Scott! Thanks for the question. Unfortunately in bowling, it is very difficult to give exact answers on what adjustments to make as the lanes are always different and therefore, the adjustments can always be different. If your ball is not getting into the roll phase when it’s going through the pins, a few potential adjustments can be to reduce ball speed, reduce axis rotation, move closer to the friction (right for a right-hander, left for a left-hander), move your target in a couple of boards, use a stronger ball, or use a ball with more surface. Thanks for the feedback, we will keep this in mind when filming future videos. Thanks for watching!

  2. When I’m talking to students about observing every part of the ball’s motion on the lane, I often have to first overcome the “head lift”. Getting them to truly see where the ball is when takes a lot of concentration. Once they can post the shot well AND observe the motion, that final trick is track the ball through the pins, which takes time to learn. I will sometimes tell my students to have a friend capture their shots on video while they practice, then discuss the result before reviewing the video. It really helps them understand what to look for!
    Thank you Shannon and InsideBowling!

    1. Hey Jeff! It’s hard to give an exact adjustment without knowing what pattern you’re bowling on, ball you’re using, along with other factors as well. Keep in mind that if you’re ball is still hooking through the pins and not in the roll phase, you want to find a way to get that ball to start a little sooner so it can be in the roll phase once it reaches the pocket. As a result, some of the potential adjustments you can make is use a little stronger ball, reduce axis rotation, throw it a little slower, use more surface, or make an adjustment with your feet/target. Again it’s very difficult to give an answer as every lane is always different and therefore the adjustments can always be different. Experience is key to learning which adjustments are the proper adjustments at specific times. Stay tuned for future videos where we talk about this!

  3. I’ve never heard of a ball “hooking through the pocket”. When a ball hits any pins, it can’t hook any more. It will already be in the roll phase as it goes through the pins. Then the search is for the right angle and speed of that roll with respect to the pins so that excessive deflection of the ball does not occur.

  4. Good advice on watching what the ball does, but that doesn’t help at all. So my ball is deflecting towards the 6 pin. What adjustments do I make? My ball is blowing through the pocket and leaving a 9 pin. What adjustments do I make? I can watch my ball all day long, but without knowing where to move, hand positioning, or changing my release, I won’t change anything to be able to carry more.

    1. What have you practiced? What have you tried that makes your ball roll earlier/later. For me, I sometimes make a move, other times, I adjust my hand position. If I need to speed up/slow down, I change my set and approach. what have you practiced to produce more and less angle? have you experimented with surfance adjustements? I ask, because some adjustments are easiler than others for each bowler. I for one, am terrible at speed adjustments, and would much rather change my hand position or move that slow down. On the flip side, I am comfortable speeding up a bit rather than changing to a ball with a different surface….. So, I take what I have learned in practice, and apply it

  5. So, if the ball deflects to the right or to the left, in both cases, the ball is not yet in its roll phase?
    I think it would have been useful to provide some insight into WHY it isn’t in the roll phase, and what we can do about it.

    1. For a righty if the ball deflects to the right toward the nine pin it just means the ball isn’t getting into its roll early enough so the adjustment can be slow ball speed down, cup the ball more or anything that can get the ball to roll off the break point sooner. On
      A house shot it can be a simple half board move to the right to get into the friction a bit sooner or step back half a step to lay the ball down sooner. The opposite of all that is true if you leave a nine pin to decrease angle into the pocket.

  6. My bowling ball always goes to gutters thing. What I can do to prevent my bowling ball from goes gutter thing?

  7. Shannon can you do a video of what hand position is used to roll the ball off you finger to get in in the roll faze to the pocket.

  8. Another great instruction video. I tried your spare system that I recently viewed on another of your videos and it worked very well for me! Thank you so much for providing this type of useful content 👌

    1. Thanks for watching our videos and for the nice comments. We’re glad the spare system helped you. Good luck on the lanes!!

  9. I’ve been bowling for about 2 years and never heard this tip I always thought I was just unlucky but maybe by starting my approach a little further back than I do will make the ball get into the roll phase better and more often, thx

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