22 Comments on “How to Install Thumb Tape in a Bowling Ball the Proper Way.”

  1. Thanks Shannon been bowling 30 yrs and didn’t know these tricks to figure out the center of my thumb just always guessed lol

  2. I don’t like to put tape on the back of my thumb hole. I use the thumb protector tape and add another layer if I need it to be snug. All of my tape goes towards the pad of my thumb and that is where I make the adjustments.

  3. Is it true that if you raise or lower that tape on the front side of the thumb you can adjust how quickly or slowly the thumb exits ?

  4. Good tip. One thing she didn’t mention is that if you are using multiple pieces it is a good idea to put the next piece just a touch lower than the previous piece you applied to leave just a small amount of room for you to more easily remove one piece at a time as your thumb changes. If you layer them directly on top of each other it can be hard to pull out just one without messing up the others

  5. Shannon, you are the greatest on earth. I love you. Thanks for the tip. Love from Holland.

  6. I believe if you put it in front it will change your span. I had put it at 5 o,c . with
    front as 12 o,c, had to use patches all the time. Then i put it at 9 o’clock and
    now my thumb does not even look like I bowl. Put it where it feels good, no
    right or wrong on tape. Just be sure you can clear the ball.

  7. Does the length of the tape in the thumb hold has any effect? I have the front of the thumb hole taped (3 layers).

    I constantly have the nail-bed of my thumb nail (closer to the root not the tip of the nail) becomes red after 3-4 games.

    I always wonder if it’s the pitch problem, or simply the placement of the tape, the length of the tape or if I switching taping the front or back would fix it. I guess I need to try all combinations.. But if anyone has any idea how to fix this, or what causing this, please do let me know. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the question! Usually the tape that is applied on the thumb is more for protection and sometimes for feel to help the thumb release more consistently. This tape is more thin and flexible than the tape that is applied inside of the thumbhole. Tape that is applied inside of the thumbhole is more for maintaining the proper fit and feel. This tape is used more for sizing and shaping the inside of the hole to fit the thumb.

  8. Shannon, when I bowled for University of Oregon under the great Lou Bellisimo in the late 1960’s – early 1970’s, I always placed the tape (we used electrician’s tape back then), on the back side of my thumb, just like you prefer. I have recently joined a league after being away from bowling for 22 years. I drilled a new ball, then my thumb changed, and so I added tape to the thumb hole. I placed about 10 pieces of tape on the pad-side of my thumb like most of the “experts” recommend, and was still dropping it every shot. Yesterday, I changed to my old method of taping the backside of the thumb, using only 2-3 pieces of tape, and it fits like a charm! Plus, I like feeling the actually bowling ball with the pad of my thumb. So it’s the back side of thumb for me! Thanks for all your tips!

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