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    1. @red cat!! I agree that straight rubbing alcohol is not particularly effective in cleaning the oil from a bowling ball. However, if it were to “ eat the finish off the ball “ there would be something coming off on the rag. There is no finish on a bowling ball like varnish on woodwork or wax on a car. There is just the cover stock. A small amount of isopropyl alcohol on a rag is not going to do any measurable damage to the cover stock in a few seconds of wiping.

    2. @red cat!! you are thinking of acetone, which was used a long time ago, but is now illegal to use on bowling balls, and yes acetone will eat away at your ball. rubbing alcohol is fine and cheap for a quick fix, but of course there are better bowling ball cleaners out there.

    3. If in a league or tournament…be careful…cannot apply anything to the surface of the ball, even between games.

    4. @HitEmTrue I thought I read that USBC approved using alcohol to disinfect bowling balls during league play.

  1. Just wondering about league situations where the ball sits on the ball return from after your shot until your next one. Would it actually be best to wipe the oil off immediately after each shot? This would cause, in all probability, traffic problems at the ball return as the next bowler up would be delayed by this.. but, would the time between shots with oil on the ball allow it to start soaking in a bit? Just look at the Idol Helios that Cortez Schenk was throwing last weekend. After several frames it looked half blue because of the blue oil used for the telecast.

    1. There are cleaners you can use the take out most of the oil. Ball maintenance comes into play after league and depending on how many games. You can go to your proshop for deoiling and resurfacing.

    2. Honestly, yes, I think it would be best to wipe the oil off right away (because it is absorbed slowly and getting as much off as possible as soon as possible would be preferable). BUT laneside etiquette is important too. We can’t get in others’ way when they prepare to take a shot so it can be tricky.

  2. Great tips, Mike. How long do towels/shammies last if you use them to wipe the ball after every shot?

    1. Towels last a long time. Just throw them in the washer with some microfiber soap on warm and they are good to use again. I’ve found that shammy life varies a bit. I get a new one every season. I’ll clean it with dish soap in the sink when needed. In my experience genesis pure pad holds up the best.

    1. NO – but not wiping off the oil will cause the same reaction …. if your track is loaded with oil that has soaked into the ball, the ball will become LESS reactive.

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  4. ALSO pay attention to the gathering gunk on your track line ………. This stuff makes your ball read the lane earlier and earlier until you can’t throw it anymore.

    Some bowling alleys aren’t maintained as well as others. You can rub this stuff off with your fingers or the heel of your hand using friction .

    OR seek permission from league officers to clean it off if its scuff related.

  5. The Black Widow 2.0 soaks up oil so fast that it has to be wiped the moment it comes out of the chute, which is frowned upon during league play after your shot is over. I took a swipe off the lane and wiped it on the ball, within a minute the oil was GONE! I took a heat gun and warmed the ball up, wiping off oil until the towel was damp with it. Ball went back to doing it’s thing after that for at least 3 weeks, so now have a routine to warm and wipe the absorbed oil after every week of 6-7 games.

    Now the grime, thats a different story. The Black Widow Ghost Pearl doesn’t suck up the oil, but man does machine gunk stick to it! I have to scrub it before each shot to get the gunk off. I bowled on this one lane that smeared black gunk from the thumb hole to halfway across the ball.

    1. @InsideBowling But using any type of cleaner to get stuck on grime is not unless approved by the league president, or whoever it is in charge of the league. Some of that gunk does not come off without a cleaner. Used to be able to use a USBC approved cleaner during play, but they changed that rule to only before the first ball for points, and after all games are completed.

    2. My OTP is the same, comes back dry even through the fresh oil, but is filthy from dirt and other grime from the belts in the back and ball return.

      The only time I saw oil on the ball was when I was throwing consecutive shots for 10 games with only waiting on the pinsetter.

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    1. Sandman X, no problem. We will put together a video that is 5-8 minutes on how to open up your bag. Tune in next week when we tell you that you’ll bowl better on your feet than sitting down.

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