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  1. I have been working on my footwork constantly ever since bowling centers opened back up last year, and I have been told from multiple amateurs and pros that it has been looking much better. I’m not swaying from side to side anymore like I used to and I am sliding instead of planting.

    1. @Kristen Anderson are you squeezing too much? White knuckling the ball? Your pitch might be off. Go to your proshop guy and discuss with him exactly what issues you have.

    2. @Kevin Scarborough It’s gotten better since then. I’m not squeezing the ball so much anymore. My post was from 10 months ago and I have gotten a lot of advice since watching this video.

    3. @Kristen Anderson yeah. I thought it said 10 minutes ago. 🤣 Anyway, glad you are improving. Keep working. Best of bowling to you.

    1. Most of the time when bowlers throw off of the “wrong foot”, it is because of very early swing timing causing the swing to come through toward the release too soon. I’ve seen bowlers that intentionally throw off of the opposite foot due to a physical limitation with their other leg. Not sure which is the case with you. Thanks for watching and good luck!

    2. @Mike Jasnau i have been using the wrong foot for a decade now, when i was taught to transition, it didnt feel right so i just stuck to wrong foot (self taught). my approach is 6 steps if that helps

  2. Actually, yes 1st step should be small but 2nd should be small too. For 5 step approach you push away somewhere on on the 2nd step. I’m not sure where you got what you said honestly. That’s what works for most players to get their timings correct. Then for 3,4,5 step, run to get the mph in ball speed

    1. Thanks for watching and your comment. If the second step gets too small it would give the body less time to get the ball in motion and into position without then having to rush the ball into the swing. What works for most bowlers may not apply to everyone but in my 25 years of coaching, I’ve never taught having a really small pushaway step and don’t tend to see it in the highest level bowlers. Thanks again for your input!

  3. I was told my first step was too long on a 4 step approach. Had to learn to make it a little step. Now I’m confused.

    1. Maybe look at video from the side so that you can see the actual size of that step to see if it’s bigger or smaller than you thought. Also you could ask the person that told you that it was too long to have them explain why they think it was too long. Thanks for watching and good luck!

  4. Nice work to the guy showing us what you mean! 👍🏻 I get thrown off if I try too many different things. 😂

  5. I was always taught the first step should be the smallest, and each step should get a little longer until the last step is the longest. Your demonstrator takes a big first step, then the second and third steps are pretty short. Last step looks about the same length as the first. When did all this change?

  6. Great video, I have a 4-step approach tried doing a 5-step but it’s very tough…. I do struggle with timing, I always thought slow down the feet whenever I’m struggling to help my timing but after watching this I was completely wrong…. My feet tend to get to the line first with the ball lagging behind so hopefully by changing up the footwork my overall timing will improve

  7. I need perfect my finished follow through during my my bowling games at bowling alley each time I go bowling with my friends.

  8. How does Mike perform these drastic timing changes and still look decent for every one of them? #tourtalent

    1. He does actually make it look way easier than it actually is! It takes a lot of focus!! Thanks for the comment and for watching our videos, we appreciate it!

  9. Thank you. I took a video of my four-step approach and the 2nd and 3rd steps looked a bit short and rushed even though I’m not consciously accelerating. Now I know that this is a function of how early I drop the ball which in my case happens in sync with the first step. Maybe delaying it a bit will result in a more fluid approach.

  10. Glad I watched this. My footwork is slow slow. Watching some shots back, my timing is off. Gonna practice speeding up those steps! Thank you!

  11. KYC has the third step much larger fourth step together then sliding. Is there technique a more advanced five step approach ?

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