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    1. Nothing wrong with using 3 balls! More balls (within reason) will help you get lined up on more patterns, but you can still bowl well with 3!

  1. Ever since you started putting videos out Shannon, I’ve been between you and Brad & Kyle lol. All the practices, tips, and advice really helped me improve on my game as a whole. I pray to one day to be in the big time. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Shannon, I have a lumbar pain problem hence reduced my ball weight to 14lbs, swing, speed now to max 13, rev around 175-190, PAP 4.5. My tracks are very high and touches the thumb hole except when I forward role. Can you please suggest some balls for each of heavy/medium/light oil pattern? Also layout please and I am more of skid and snap rather than inside-out therefore need ball with strongest backend for heavy oil and then gradually down to the light oil pattern. I have seen a few layouts like 70-4-30 or 75-4-25. Also instead of one asymetric & one symetric, can I choose both asyemtric but one with pin-up and another with pin-down? Guess I have asked you a lot of questions. Need your expert advice please. Thanks.

    1. Hi Anthony. It is hard to give you exact layouts and bowling ball options without seeing you bowl and knowing the environment in which you play in. You certainly can mix and match asym vs. sym depending on your playing style. We would encourage you to get with a knowledgeable pro shop owner to discuss your questions regarding your arsenal and have them watch you bowl and understand where you bowl so they can give you the best suggestions possible!

  3. Thanks a lot Shannon some people do not want to learn about anything about what ball 2 get they let the pro shop sell them what they want to sell that’s some of them , thanks SHANNON.

  4. I try to get to watch every episode that you do keep it up young lady you know what you’re talking about, I am assumed to be 67 year old League bowler I’m going to get my Arsenal together spent too much money buying bowling balls and didn’t know what to buy thanks a lot for the video TIGER πŸ….

  5. Thank you for putting this out.. I have been asking this question for a while and scoured the bowling manufacturer websites to the point of confusion for information.. For years it was like the pros best kept secret. Now I have a much clearer understanding.. Can’t wait to see you out there on the PWBA soon.

  6. Nice video! I got a quick question. If you only use 2 fingers do you need an β€œx” engraved in the bowling ball where your palm lies?

  7. I believe there can be exceptions to effectively using two early hooking asymmetrical cores in The same bag. I use a Redemption solid (2” pin) and I can’t open up my angles much of fresh. I think a Zenith will be effective with a stronger layout (4.5” pin) to work with the higher Intermediate differential so I can open up my angles a little more to fit b/w my redemption and conspiracy theory (4.5” pin). I get that this video is for general purposes, but it is always nice to note some exceptions.

  8. When you said shiny balls does that mean like factory finish or compound or does it have to be polish. Also does coverstock type even matter in building this arsenal since I know there is a pearl that is dull and would be a good ball to have?

    1. Shiny balls are very high grit finishing process and/or balls that have polish applied. Both create a shiny look and will skid more in oil than a dull or lower grit ball.

  9. This is nuts..i never knew people carried so many balls and for what purpose. I averaged 215 with a second hand strong dull symmetrical ball and a spare ball.

    I feel like i could be professional with proper equipment.

  10. I tend to go by surface. So I have in my league bag, my solid asymmetrical medium to heavy oil ball is my first game ball, and then for later in the block, I have my peral hybrid, asymmetrical medium to heavy oil ball. The soil gets buffed up and the peral gets polished. The solid has a higher AG than the peral, so it will cross lanes better. So I have my first and second game ball in my medium bag, then for my mediums, I go for a lighter surface ball, so the heavy oil balls have a three-layer surface on them, I will go with say a Hy-Road Solid from Storm that has two layers of surface, and that is reduced grip, the balls will go straighter on less oil, and then next to is the Phaze III. On the top bag is my light to dry oil ball and my spare ball. The symmetric ball is in the tournament bag for times when my line is really busy and I want to hold a really straight line, and I am in game 4 of 6 to 8 games, and I need the ball to hold a much straighter line. As for league with just three games, I think the type and surface are more important items to consider in building bags than the cores, not enough games to fuss over how tight of a line your holding, unless your speed dominates and you don’t cross the lane.

  11. My current scenario right now is I have a four-ball collection right now my proton for the heavier longer situations, that’s a Asym solid, then my nuke cell Asym pearl, then I got hyroad sym hybrid and white spare ball. I do have the hustle rap as a potential when the lanes are super dry. But if I did add another strike bowl in there it would be probably a symmetrical solid like maybe the axiom. Or do you think my situation is good

    1. Pretty good lineup. Without knowing your speed/rev rate and what types of conditions you bowl on makes it tough to give too much advice. Check with a local pro shop that can fine tune your arsenal with you.

    2. @InsideBowling just giving you some information my River rate is 415, 16 mph I’m just pulling on a normal house shot but also League Play

  12. So I am a no thumb 1 handed bowler and was told I should stay away from asym bowling balls. Is this true? Ive never thrown one and was looking into it and he advised against it.

    1. Usually the stronger equipment that will read the lanes sooner would be used on the fresher condition with the weaker stuff usually being used later. That being said, it really depends on many factors including the oil patterns being bowled on, the type of oil being used, lane surface as well as the individual bowlers ball roll, rev rate and ball speed.

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